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  1. Hi, I think you can fork Don's repo and add it so he is retiring from this project



    @donk this works for me in workstation player 14


    def patchbase(name):
        # Patch file
        print 'GOS Patching: ' + name
        f = open(name, 'r+b')
        # Entry to search for in GOS table
        darwin = (
        # Read file into string variable
        base = f.read()
        # Loop through each entry and set top bit
        # 0xBE --> 0xBF
        # Updated for Workstation 14 0x3E --> 0x3F
        offset = 0
        while offset < len(base):
            offset = base.find(darwin, offset)
            if offset == -1:
            f.seek(offset + 32)
            flag = f.read(1)
            if flag == '\x3E':
                f.seek(offset + 32)
                print 'GOS Patched flag @: ' + hex(offset)
                print 'GOS Unknown flag @: ' + hex(offset) + '/' + hex(int(flag))
            offset += 33
        # Tidy up
        print 'GOS Patched: ' + name

  2. Earlier in the thread I was told to edit nothing... -_- My initial problem was No VoodooHDA Devices Found. When editing the Plist, I don't get a KP, I just get no devices found.

    Can you post output of lspci -nn (from linux) and your plist?

  3. I checked. There doesn't seem to be anything out of the ordinary. I modified no files before installing it into /S/L/E/ after downloading from SF.


    Have you tried the solution as post #1



    Solution 2: edit Info.plist, replace the key IOPCIClassMatch by IOPCIPrimaryMatch and put the PCI ID of your audio card in string.



    I had same kernel panic as you until I edit the info.plist of the kext