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  1. Hi I'm new to the idea of a Hackintosh and so far seem to have been pretty lucky with getting any of this working judging by the warnings and experiences of others around the web. Specs: P5Q Pro - (I believe the audio is ALC1200 which I read somewhere is actually just an upgraded ALC888?) Q9450 9800 GTX I used MyHack to create a bootable USB drive with 10.8.4. I then used it to install the bare minimum to get the system booting and allowed it to remove the recommended problematic kexts. I then installed AttansicL1eEthernet.kext to get my ethernet working. Now I am attempting to get my audio working (though you probably guessed that from posting in this thread) I modified my DSDT by adding DTGP and then added HDEF as per the HDEF.txt file attached to the first post in this thread. I believe I have done this correctly, however I am not 100% sure of the correct placement for the HDEF addition. I have attached my dsdt.dsl to this post could someone who understands them better possibly check it for me? dsdt.dsl.zip I then installed the AppleHDA.kext also included in the attachment using Kext Wizard to the Extras folder. I have got somewhere, as before I did the DSDT edit and installed the kext the audio controller did not show up in System Information where as now it does at least show Intel High Definition Audio. The problem I've reached is I am unsure how to use the XMLs that are needed to get it to work? I hope someone can help move me forward with this as I've spent many hours trying different solutions and would love to have sound.