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  1. Wow. That worked. How do I fix it so I still have the FireWire card running? If I can't, how can I modify Aloha's cable to have a ground wire? Will disabling it in BIOS work? FireWire card: SYBA UW-1394PCI-A01 is the card.
  2. I have not. I installed a PCI Firewire card for the G5 Front Panel cable, but I can't imagine that it would cause a slow down of this proportion. It detect it natively. Edit: As an example, any time I receive an iMessage on my phone, I get the spinning beach ball in the iMessage application and it takes about 3 to 5 minutes for the message to appear on my Hac. This wasn't the case before.
  3. I've been running 10.8.4 for a couple weeks now, and today when I booted it took a long time (roughly 1:30) to reach the desktop. When I finally reached the desktop, I was met with my cursor stuck in the top left and my keyboard and mouse being unresponsive for about 4 minutes before they finally kicked it. Random spurts of beach balls while I try to get some work done. I have a SSD which is why this is so worrying. TRIM is enabled, but I don't know where to go from here. Applications are taking a stupid long time to start. EDIT: FireWire card is the problem. SYBA UW-1394PCI-A01 is the card. Where do I go from here? My options are there being some kind of fix for this or modifying Aloha's cable to put the ground elsewhere in the case (where?) My system: i5 3570K GTX 660 GA Z77-DS3H SanDisk Extreme II 128GB
  4. I'm running OS X 10.8.4 on my Hackintosh on a SSD. I installed Windows 7 on a 1TB HDD, and when I installed each of them the other OS's hard drive was unplugged. After I completed installation of Windows 7 I powered down and replugged in my drives and turned my computer back on. Chameleon/Chimera detected I had OS X and Windows 7 to boot to. I chose Windows 7 and was prompted with a screen that said my bootmgr was missing. I boot into OS X and start googling but I'm coming up with stuff that was not my problem. I figure OS X may be doing something to it, so I unplug my SSD and try to reboot. Same thing. Reset my BIOS to stock settings, still nothing. Try to repair it from the boot CD, and I still get nothing. I can't even format the disk because it's greyed out or that Windows couldn't be installed to the disk.. Perplexed I took the hard drive to another computer and ran Disk Management and discovered it had a 100 GB EFI partition on it that was protected. After using the command line to clean out the HDD entirely, I took it back and rehooked it up and install went off without a hitch. Kind of nervous to plug in my SSD now for fear of screwing over my Windows installation again. So what happened? How do I get it so Chimera or OS X doesn't install a EFI partition?