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  1. Followed your advice and put the Radeon back in - same issue! Which makes me think that I somehow damaged the onboard audio while installing the GTX760. The onboard sound is recognized correctly, but all I get is white noise. So I'm thinking of disabling the onboard audio (unless somebody comes up with another suggestion) and buying an external usb sound device. Could anybody recommend something that is works well with OS X?
  2. Thanks, I'll try that and post the outputs of running kextstat! Yes, the same thing happens when running ubuntu live from usb.
  3. I have selected 'Line-out (GreenRear)' as output device. Also tried all the other options, but still the same problem.
  4. I have been running Mavericks for the last couple of month and everything was working fine (including onboard sound from ALC892 on the Gigabyte Z87-HD3 board). Then I upgraded my graphics card yesterday from a 4-year old ATI Radeon to a GTX 760. Since then, the onboard sound is not working anymore, the controls still show up, but all I get is a static noise!! I have not changed or installed any drivers in the meantime. Is there any solution to this or will I have to live without sound? Could it be a conflict between the NVIDIA HDMI audio (which is also recognized) and the onboard audio? I also tried an Ubuntu Live USB stick and the same problem came up there as well. By the way, I'm using VoodooHDA. Please help!
  5. I have successfully installed Mavericks DP1 on my Z87-HD3 based system. I then upgraded all the way to DP4 (first DP2, DP3 then DP4) and up till DP3 everything worked fine. After installing DP4, I restarted the system and now cannot login anymore. The login screen appears but my username is gone. All I'm left with is the "Other..." option. Manually inputing my previous username and password does not work either. I have tried to boot from my install usb stick and reset the password from there and weirdly, my username appears correctly in the resetpassword program. Does anybody have an idea how to correct this problem? I'd really rather not have to re-install the system.