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  1. r9 290 (non-x) yosemited help

    did you ever get more than two screens working?
  2. I'll upload some patched kexts tomorrow for you to test (ps2 and usb 3.0)
  3. How to install Mac ( any version ) on my PC

    I dont think you can use amd cpus for mavericks. only i3 i5 i7 xeon arch's
  4. Would You be able to supply your DSDT.aml file and your S/L/E Because I Have a similar laptop to you.... Thanks in Advance -MrTomoskie
  5. just a question ... what audio kext did you use for your installation because I've got my speakers working but only the top two no subwoofer and also my microphone is making this horrible crackling noise when I try record or use skype. Would you be able to upload your kexts for your audio (also I don't have a 10.9 install I have a 10.8.2 with all my components working with QE/QI - is it worth is upgrading to Mavericks) Thanks in Advance -Tom
  6. HP DV6 6145TX Mountain Lion (iAtkos L2)

    Yeah man thats about right,but what you have to do for a nice installation is this . Make sure you have a windows installation disk, copy this directory C:\Users\'YOUR USER HERE' to a external hard drive so you can just restore it when you reinstall windows after resizing and formatting partitions on the mac installation disk(also make sure you have all your drivers you can find them at the hp website.) -take notes of what software you have so you can install them again. DO NOT USE THE HP WINDOWS INSTALLATION. (HDD Setup) -WINDOWS -MAC -Backup OS X (24GB) ALWAYS BACKUP!
  7. HP DV6 6145TX Mountain Lion (iAtkos L2)

    If there is a request for it to be put up I will put it up so I don't have to waste time typing it up if nobody is going to be interested in it
  8. Installation Successful Mountain Lion 10.8.2 DualBooting With Windows (8) If anyone has any questions I am glad to help them out, give links, information and also instructions (Message Me) Thanks for reading ___________________________Specs___________________________________ Sandy Bridge - Full support -i7 203QM - working all cores - Generic USB 2.0 - Full support -Reneas/NEC USB3.0-Full support - Generic HP DVD DRV- Full support -SmartBattery- Enabled-Full support - Intel HD 3000 Intergrated GPU - CI not QE? -AMD Radeon 6770M GPU - Mac .N/A - Display (Brightness) - Shades support -Beats Audio-Full support.voodoohda - Output Speakers- 2/4 ok -Standard VGA - Mac N/A - HDMI - Full support (Full resolution) -Ethernet - Full support - SD Card Reader - Not yet... -Track\Touch Pad -Full support - USB mouse/Keyboard-Full support -PS•2 Host Controllers- Full support - Ram Slot 1 : 8GB -Full support -Ram Slot 2: 4GB -Full support - NRAM ---512MB--- +Wireless Intel 1030-Not supported - Atheos AR5B195 - ? BIOS WHITELIST MOD (don't worry i thought it was risky,its not but if it doesn't work out just take out DMOS battery and all power sources click power button ten times put DMOS back in then startup computer don't be impatient , REFLASH TO NORMAL BIOS) ---Power Features--- Startup - Yes Shutdown - Yes Restart - Yes Sleep/Hibernate - Not yet... -- Startup 24sec iMessege Not Working neither Facetime. /\ | Windows 8 : Everything Working -- - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - --