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    IO80211Family.kext Atheros AR5B95 ML 10.8.3

    Yeah we really need it,
  2. Jeroen Mathon

    steam & source games

    Same here i tried almost every remedy for it my steam games still won't run. --- ---
  3. Jeroen Mathon

    How Strong is Your Password?

    I mixed up Japanese IME Hiragana + Katakana and Normal Alphabetical letters in my password try cracking that >
  4. Jeroen Mathon

    Does 10.5 Leopard support PCI graphics cards?

    I'm sure that OSX supports almost every PCI and PCI-EXPRESS Devices. It would be weird if an hackintosh can right?
  5. Jeroen Mathon

    need some help fixing boot loader

    You need to partition your usb to an MBR FAT32 DOS format. Then use the DD command to write your image to your usb, After that use your MODCD to bootup and it should work. Just make sure that you use the retail image of snow leopard. Oh and make sure you got your DVD-Drive set as first boot device!
  6. Alright the best thing you can do is burn MODCD to an dvd then use the [DD if=/ of=/] command to burn the iso retail image of Snow Leopard to an usb heres an example. sudo dd if=/Desktop/ISO/SnowLeopard_RETAIL.iso of=/dev/sdg Then bootup using the MODCD and run your the usb where you dd'd your image to. Dont forget to format the USB to an MBR(Master Boot Record) I hope this works for you. Some useful boot flags for 32bit users(arch=i386 maxmem=Your ram memory cpus=Amount of processor cores you own)
  7. I recommend you use MODCD to install an retail version of snow leopard on your pc then use macosx to install the iaktos image unless you want to get involved with dmg2img hfsplus programs and chameleon packages. Simply use the dd if=Your image¨ of=The drive like /dev/sdg¨ then put in your CD and install your os using your USB be sure to format it to MBR.
  8. Dont update! Do a clean instalation. I broke my install by doing an update. Im now making an new snow leopard install trough ubuntu...