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  1. Yes, I had already looked at it. but I think that what happens is due to this latest version of High Sierra .. I am going to try now with the 10.13.1 that it seems that with your DSDT and the SSDT-USB goes fine thank you very much for your time MaLd0n regards
  2. Hello Well, I've tried it right now.. I do not notice any difference from the previous.. what if I have found a mystery .. I tell you: when doing today the first boot after being the computer 7 hours off ... has taken more spam at startup, and do not change anything in bios or anywhere else, just that I have not had time to take a picture .. After starting and restarting again, the spam is the same as always ... it seems that every time I turn off the computer and turn it on again, the ACPI tables will change P.S: These photos ( and IOReg ) starting with the last clover folder that you sent me: Note: what I can not understand, is because with the first DSDT that you fixed me, at first I did not have ACPI failures in the boot, only those related to HDEF .. After testing the second DSDT, more failures appeared in the boot, and now even if it returns to the first DSDT, these failures do not disappear. how could it be possible if that did not happen before? I'll have the broken Mac OS system I will start a new installation and another disk to discard ?? -Another point is that with the latest image of Mac OS high Sierra 10.13.2 (17C2120) Clover can not find the USB partition to boot iMac de PoMpIs.zip
  3. Now it starts perfectly... Maybe it takes a little longer to get to the desk Now the same ACPI spam goes out as when I put the first DSDT that you prepared for me iMac de PoMpIs.zip
  4. It is done note: with that config.plist, I can not use the DSDT .. it does not start CLOVER.zip extract.zip
  5. okay, there it goes P.S: this is without using DSDT... extract.zip
  6. Yes, is in the last bios there is for this motherboard https://www.asus.com/Motherboards/ROG-MAXIMUS-X-HERO/HelpDesk_BIOS/ The files I uploaded in the previous post, take them out now, and the ACPI tables in the boot of clover with F4 P.S: With the last DSDT, I like it a lot because it charges the battery of the iPad very fast
  7. I have been testing in a thousand ways and I have managed to boot with this last DSDT, removing the following in the config.plist USB: -Inject -Add clock ID -FixOwnership but there is a lot of spam in the boot, related to ACPI ... and the system boots one every four times and if I boot without DSDT there is no spam at startup, and the system goes well the bad thing is that I tried the previous DSDT and now it's the same as with the latter . I change it for the first DSDT that you passed me and now I still have spam in the boot, and the system starts one in four. Now I have taken out an iOReg using the last DSDT, and another without DSDT, in case you want to look at it ... I already have no idea because it makes these things so weird Files booting without DSDT: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cvBJBNUJQm6OwI78Ydbs_6Y11ci2nlRZ/view?usp=sharing Files booting with the latest DSDT: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ol4EYJYj8Pgd9LHaY8k9XtVxyKe9V3PO/view?usp=sharing P.S: What I do not understand, is because now the same thing happens with the first DSDT that you fixed me ... I have not changed any option, in bios everything is the same regards
  8. Many thanks Mald0n... now it does not boot It stays where it looks in the image. without DSDT it starts well Regards Enviado desde mi SM-G950F mediante Tapatalk
  9. ready but I keep coming up with the same ACPI errors at startup I have also tried removing the ResetHDA but it remains the same at boot regards
  10. Here is the complete EFI folder I've uploaded it to google drive because it takes more than I let the forum upload https://drive.google.com/file/d/18_tketmxrQkJw_lDElZqpb2P4M_mHXWb/view?usp=sharing thank you very much
  11. Done, and perfect audio after sleep thank you very much. A small note: I see some startup errors related to ACPI soon I put some images cheers
  12. thank you very much Mald0n .. but I just discovered a small bug when putting in sleep mode, when waking up, everything goes perfect, but without sound, nothing is heard by the loudspeakers, it is solved when restarting. I have no idea how to solve that, what's more, I do not know if you have a solution I upload an iOReg after waking up in sleep mode Thank you very much iMac de PoMpIs .zip
  13. Hello thanks to this post, I have a hackintosh running ... Is a: 8700k @ 5,1ghz Asus maximus X Hero Corsair vengeance 16 GB DDR4 3200mhz @ 3200Mhz nvidia GTX 960 4Gb I have installed Mac OS 10.13.2 (17C2120) what I have tried everything works, even the sleep mode. ( iGPU disable in bios ) But I would like @Mald0n if you do me the favor of looking at my Clover folder and my DSDT to see if everything is correct, because I find it difficult to edit it. many thanks Geekbench 4 https://browser.geekbench.com/v4/cpu/6245436 Cheers Send me iMac de PoMpIs.zip iMac de PoMpIs.zip CLOVER.zip
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    [pre-releases] macOS Sierra

    Beta 4 works in my cheap hack .. but no Speedstep.... normally they are a celeron, and is not officially supported, but works great