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  1. Hi. Configuration of my laptop: I have oldy Asus F80s laptop, with 'not-so-low' specs. - ATI Mobility Radeon 3470 HD ( working on Snow Leopard ) - Intel Core2Duo 2.0 ghz - Atheros AR5007EG ( working ) - 3 GB RAM - 250 GB HD You will need: - Another computer with Macintosh OR any file explorer ( too see hfs+ files ). I had one big problem - OS X installer won't see my HDD drive..... but what i should to do when there's no AHCI mode in BIOS ? Let's solve it. Those kexts i was needed to make my OS X see Serial ATA harddrive (attached) - IOATAFamily.kext - AppleNForceATA.kext - AppleVIAATA.kext First method. 1. Write your OS X image to any flash drive. 2. Then drop kexts to '<flashdrive>/System/Library/Extensions' OR just use kext installer ( recommended ). If you don't see 'System' folder on your Mac then just open Terminal and type: 'defaults write com.apple.Finder AppleShowAllFiles TRUE' and then 'killall Finder' to restart Finder... but if you use another file explorer then just drop those kexts. 3. Try to install now. You will see your SATA Drive in device list. If first method WON'T work or install fails then try next ( harder procedure ). 1. Disconnect your SATA Harddrive. 2. Get USBtoSATA controller. ( Uses in portative hdds ) 3. Write your OS X image to any flash drive. ( DO NOT DROP KEXTS THERE ) 4. Connect your HDD which is connected via USBtoSATA controller... Your installer will see your HD without any kexts. 5. Install it on yours HDD which connected via usbtosata controller... When install finishes, it can stuck at 'Still waiting for root device' or 'USBF' log. Shut down your computer. 6. Disconnect USB HDD, connect it to any computer. IF YOU USE MACINTOSH - then show all hidden files, and drop kexts which i attached to 'System/Library/Extensions'. IF YOU USE ANOTHER FILE EXPLORER or OS - then just drop those files to same directory. 7. Safe disconnect your USB HDD. 8. Disconnect your HDD from USB2Sata controller. 9. Connect your HDD back to 'original place'. Try to launch it.... Ta-Da! OS X should start without any errors. Tested on Mountain Lion ( 10.8.4 ) and Snow Leopard ( 10.6.6 - 10.6.8 )! Thanks. AppleNForceATA.kext.zip AppleVIAATA.kext.zip IOATAFamily.kext.zip
  2. Hey guys & girls! I am using Acer Aspire One 522 ( sorry if wrong section, I think it's global ). Since I can't find the required kexts for my stuff ( AMD C-60/ATI Radeon 6290 Integrated ) I am planing to replace this cpu. I am using Mavericks 10.9.5. So the question: Could someone recommend APU with Integrated graphics chip which works @Mac OSX for this netbook? ( Kexts, natively, whatever ). Thanks in advance!
  3. I have installed Mavericks 10.9.5 ( vanilla ) with AMD kernel. Launches fast. Buuuuut nothing works except the sound ( I have installed last VoodooHDA ). Someone have a solution for graphics and/or wifi card? Acer Aspire 522 uses AMD C-60 APU, ATI Radeon 6290. Please help!
  4. Hey everyone, I was using Mountain Lion, and if I open 'About this Mac' menu, "Graphics" value was "Intel HD Graphics 4000, 512 MB". But... Today I've installed Mavericks on my MacBook Air 2012, and i noticed strange thing. It's not 512 MB now - it's 1024 MB. Mavericks made graphics improvements so it doesn't use a lot of vram now? Also games such as 'Minecraft', 'Black Ops' are working without fps drops, stable at 50-60 fps. ( @Mountain Lion it was 30-40, fps drops ). Or it is just me? ;D
  5. iNeko

    TP Link WN751ND

    Hey guys, I am thinking to buy PCI WN751ND card. I am currently using Mountain Lion 10.8.4. Who used it already? Is it working? Thanks!
  6. iNeko

    My HacPro Build

    Nice! Which version of OSX you use?
  7. iNeko

    BlueEyed build [Still in progress]

    That's great idea ;p
  8. Hey everyone! Well... After I bought some Apples and exploded my old android, I wanted to make something new in my working/home place. First time i was installing Mac OSX themes for Windows. I thought it is so hard to install Mac OSX, and when i made some kind of "plan", I backed up my data, downloaded OSX, formatted disk, and tried to start the installation. I had errors like "still waitting for root device", and pci errors, just because I had old hardware. Then, in one great day, my motherboard and power supply burnt out ( It wasn't my fault, there are were energy issues in @ my district ). Then i just thought to build Custom Mac.. just for "test". I am thinking to buy 'real' Mac soon. So i bought the following components: And Mountain Lion installed without any errors! Great, I made that I wanted! Now, you can see how I was building it. Connected every component and restored Mac OSX 10.8.4 from my Time Capsule.. Tada! I don't want to change information in 'About this Mac' for now. Well, my pc case has finally arrived! So, i took it out from box, looks awesome. ( I already attached PSU ). Let's place mobo and another components inside! That's how it looks with 'mirror' effect I want to replace those USB2.0s to 3.0 ones, also, front audio works. That's how hard drives and PSU are installed in. I am using HDMI cable, my display has better collibration support for it. BUT ONE THING THAT I DIDN'T KNEW - It has L.E.Ds inside. So, i dis-attached some thingies, and made it branded! ;D I purchased some Apple stickers at eBay, but I can't wait, so lol. Now it looks superb. Another pictures: That's how cd-drive placed, haha. This is some my stuff, as disk using, wifi, etc Hosting second home WiFi network because i can't make this card work with internet ;( As you can see, it's fine. Well, i finally made my wifi to see networks. Added 168c,0301. But if it connects it's freezes ;( Current case is MidTower ATX. It is very small and compactible. More like Micro ATX. Currently, Geekbench shows 7600 points when I'm using 10.9 & 8100 points when I am using 10.8.4. I think the slow part are my HDDs. ( Note, not Solid state drives ). I am going to upgrade my specifications soon. I will post every progress there. I am going to make some kind of 'tuning' for my CustoMac. TODO list: * working wifi internet * wait for apple & "blue eyed" stickers and buy mirrored acrylic sheet to make it look more awesome! * replace usb2.0 by usb3.0 * make it more quiet * (optional) buy ssds * (optional) buy more ram memory Thanks for watching! Leave comments please! ;p
  9. iNeko

    graphics card problem

    Which graphics card do you have? Problem may be in your iatkos build. Also, did you read game comments? Maybe it's not hackintosh problem.
  10. iNeko

    Trouble with wifi & kp

    Hey everyone, I think I found why some wifi cards are giving Kernel Panics or just freezes on Intel i-Series processors. When it tries to send or receive packets, it's crashes. So I tried to write some program which turns off wifi when it's trying to send/recv data. Result - No crash & obviously no internet. So, problem is in mac driver ( or probably pci connection, sends data to wrong address, giving wrong voltage ). Is there any fix for it?
  11. iNeko

    Black Mountain

    That's anime fan ^.^ I like your build. Also, how did you made Apple Bluetooth? Could you tell me? Thanks.
  12. iNeko

    WN781ND problem.

    Hey guys, again.. Excuse me for spam in this section. I just don't know where i should ask. The problem is - I exchanged my WN851ND to WN781ND. I though it is was AR9285, but when i connected this card to my CustoMac, i managed that, it's AR9485, not AR9285... So I'm looser now... It isn't working, even i type IDs to IO80211Family.kext. Is there chance to get it working? 'System info' application can see it normaly. In 'System configuration' it doesn't say 'No hardware installed'. But when i try to turn wifi on, it says "No hardware installed". My OS version is 10.8.4. Thanks!
  13. iNeko

    WN781ND problem.

    Nope ;( It is AR9485.
  14. iNeko

    iMonsterHack - PowerMac G4 [Complete]

    Nice specifications! Also, I like your working place I vote for it.
  15. Well, Thank you all for help. It seems it is calls kernel panics after 2 hours of use. ;( I am going to change it to another model. Thank you all for help!
  16. Hey guys! I bought PCI Wifi card, named TP Link - WN851ND (Atheros AR9287). So i added Vendor and Device ID to IO81211Family.kext and now WiFi is working. But when i try to open any page or any program - it says that there's no internet connection! Any ideas, please! Thanks!
  17. When I use another mode it can't even see wifi network.
  18. Oh thanks. Yea, i tried to add it. Also i noticed that, i can't connect to my router. ( Chrome just telling 'Sending request...' and then fails. Still not working :s
  19. I just used cpus=1, no KP now. I have tried kext from post above this one - it even couldn't find my wifi network. Also, could someone upload notedited IO80211Family.kext, please. Thanks.
  20. VenID is 168c, DevID is 2d. I am using DHCP, with 192.168.x.x Where i should enter my DNS number? I put every data in IO80211Family.kext.
  21. I am using native driver.
  22. iNeko

    Introduce yourself.

    Hey guys and girls. I am Neko Vision, I am using OS X for a long time, upgrading it every time, helping another people to solve theirs problems with this OS. I am modder in Call of Duty game series, also i am c# programmer and c++ beginner ( moved to xcode since win ). I am 17 years old, i love music like Royksopp, Daft Punk. My "Apple" time started since i moved from android ( i don't like it ) and friend given me iPod Nano 1 with broken display. Then i bought itouch5 and moved to os x.
  23. Hey guys & girls. After Mountain Lion 10.8.4 installation on my CustoMac i had one problem ( everything else works ) - When i open iMessage my internet stops working. ( pages won't open, another services are unavailable etc ) I read a lot of tutorials about 'how to fix imessage', but i haven't found really useful information, because i don't want to use Clover. So, it's very simple. Open iMessage application, go to Preferences, and uncheck 'Enable Bonjour', also login into your account. ( See screenshot ). Thanks for reading. I haven't found tutorials like this one. I hope it helps.
  24. iNeko

    DaveVegas 2013 Hackintosh Suite

    Nice build & photos! Could you tell me name or model of this beauty case? ;D Thanks.
  25. Hey guys, I have some small problem and i still haven't found solution. Every time when i launch iMessage, my internet stops working. Network status is still 'Connected', but if i update it - it shows warn sign. In Activity monitor it still shows data receiving/sending. But when i shutdown my hackintosh and start it, internet works again. And please, don't tell me to install 'clover', i don't want to install it. iCloud, Appstore etc are working. My ethernet specs: - Atheros Ethernet AR8161 ( installed ALXEthernet.kext ) OS is 10.8.4 version. Thanks!