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  1. Need help on my 6650m.. I don't understand all of this but did made a dump. Been trying all i could but came up a black screen during boot everytime. :/ vgabios.dmp.zip GPUReport.txt
  2. Erm yeah.. I guess x32 linux has a bug as you stated before to another user. Been trying that linux unlocker without any mac option even after successful attempt or workarounds. Even the darwin.iso isn't working nor resizing to guest or drag or drop even after vmtools is installed. Seems the only way is to get Workstation working on windows. Was thinking of doing a native installation multiboot Mac on my machine through Vmware. Didn't installed Workstation on windows because its a resource eater and ram usage is higher then that of linux.
  3. I guess only windows users have the advantage of using the unlocker =/ hmm..
  4. Hey guys, new here.. Is there any updates for VMware 9.0.2 build-1031769 unlocker for linux x32 regarding the bug yet? I'm having the same issue using Unlocker v1.1.0 on ubuntu 12.10 without any mac option on it or any luck..