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  1. The Official Asus F3 Series Notebook Thread!

    That's a know issue with some Asus notebooks. The camera is mounted upside-down and only shows correct picture in MS Win. Try using iGlasses. If you have installed Leo on a hackintosh, I suppose you know where to look for it. It provides additional camera controls (including rotation) for almost all applications. BTW, what is the camera in your F3? Regards, MaX
  2. Kabyl, The modded BIOS for W7S works perfect. Thanks a lot. Great job. MaX
  3. Kabyl, It would be great to get a modded BIOS for Asus W7S if possible. Here is the link http://dlsvr01.asus.com/pub/ASUS/nb/W7E/W7ES303AS.zip Thanks a lot in advance. MaX
  4. The Official Asus F3 Series Notebook Thread!

    Mikedee, 8400G M works more or less OK (taking into consideration that 10.5.2 kexts from Apple are BETA). It's a bit slow, I'd say. If you have already installed Leopard, take a look at this thread http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=77020 You'll find the required files as well as some instructions. If you have not yet installed Leopard refer to my previos 2 posts in thit thread. Regards, MaX
  5. The Official Asus F3 Series Notebook Thread!

    Antaholics, I used 9a581 GM (Gold Master) DVD and BrazilMac patch. The patch will create SL DVD image by removing some packages from DVD. Take a look at this guide: http://forum.osx86scene.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=2008 Regards, MaX
  6. The Official Asus F3 Series Notebook Thread!

    Antaholics, The boot process in Leopard seems to have slightly changed comparing to Tiger. The /etc/rc script is gone. When putting SafeBoot="" export -n SafeBoot into /etc/rc.local, these commands are being executed, but you still stay in SafeBoot. I assume that the SafeBoot environment variable has gone or changed. For the install method I've described you need a Mac OS X (either Tiger or Leopard) install to create install DVD. When you have a customized DVD, you can install it to a new partition, After doing install you'll need to replace a number of kexts, Extensions.mkext and the kernel. This can be done either booting to another Mac OS installation (existing Tiger for example) or by other means (for example, using MacDrive in Windows). Regards, MaX
  7. The Official Asus F3 Series Notebook Thread!

    Hi all, I got Leopard installed on my W7S and can confirm that 8400m G works with QE/CI using 10.5.2 kexts and Nvinject. Installing Leopard was not that difficult. I've used BraizilMac patch. The guide is here http://forum.osx86scene.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=2008 And I've simply replaced AppleACPIPlatform.kext and added AppleAPIC.kext from a working Tiger (you can simply replace the kexts in the patch). After creating a DVD image I've mounted it in read-write mode, created Extensions.mkext, put it to DVD in folder /System/Library and removed /System/Library/Extensions from DVD (reference to this guide http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=75426). Once you've done it, you have an install DVD that will boot with cpus=1 option (-v -x maybe also required, but for me cpus=1 was enough). I believe you can easily guess how to do post-patch after install ) Unfortunately, with EFI patch and stock kernel I can only boot with -x option (Safe Mode) and the /etc/rc trick with SafeBoot="" line doesn't work anymore. So, I'm using a patched ToH 9.1.0 kernel that easily boots with cpus=1 option. Regards, MaX
  8. The Official Asus F3 Series Notebook Thread!

    AlexIT, I've tried a couple of times 1.3.27a, but failed. AppleHDA.kext for some reason doesn't get loaded automaticaly (and if loaded manually doesn't give any sound). That's strange as the AppleHDAController.kext actually gets loaded automaticaly. I don't know what the issue is, mayber I'm missing something. TO ALL: I think I found what is preventing the mute controll to work properly. The muting seems do be done through the node 12 (0x0c) while the volumes controlls are being done through node 2. I don't know yet how to fix it, and unfortunately don't have much time to experiment, as I'm on a trip. If you guys have any ideas, please feel free to experiment or drop me a PM. Regards, MaX
  9. The Official Asus F3 Series Notebook Thread!

    Hi all. Here is a ZIP with updated AppleHDA.kext. It finally makes Internal speakers and Headphones work correctly together. When you plug-in headphones, the internal Speakers output device will automatically turn into Headphones output device. And vice-versa. Just replace AppleHDA.kext, run /sbin/makemkext and reboot. The muting still doesn't work unfortunately. I'm working on it, but don't have much time now. I'll keep you updated. Regards, MaX AppleHDA.kext.zip
  10. The Official Asus F3 Series Notebook Thread!

    Hi, I've played around with AppleHDA.kext a bit according to Taruga's guide. As a result I've got ALC660 in my W7S works a bit better than with AppleAzalia. It should also work with F3 series discussed in this topic, as the codecs seem to be the same. It's still at the very early stage, but you can try it. What works: - Internal Speakers - Headphones (including muting speakers when you plug-in jack) - Line-in (detected as Internal Mic though) What doesn't work: - Build-in Mic (it can work but needs some more testing) - Mute control (but as long as volume adjustment works it's not a big issue) - Sound (both Speakers & Headphones) only works when Internal speakers are selected as output. So, don't select Headphones. - SPDIF (not tested, might work, might not) The ZIP with KEXTS is attached. - Put AppleHDA.kext and ALCinject.kext to /System/Library/Extensions - Delete AppleAzalia.kext - run /sbin/makemkext - reboot If it works, please post the result. Regards, MaX AppleHDA_for_ALC660_beta.zip
  11. Asus F3SC

    Hi, Take a look at this thread http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...28 Regards, MaX
  12. The Official Asus F3 Series Notebook Thread!

    First of all I want to say a big THANKS to AlexIT and everybody who participated in making OS X run on this ASUS machine. I just want to let you know that it also perfectly worked for me on Asus W7S notebook. It's quite similar to F3 series with a couple of differences. I got almost everything running well to the same extend as anyone else, I assume. I'm a bit more lucky, than F3 owners, as I have full networking (W7S comes with Realtek Gigabit LAN and I've also replaced the stock intel 3945a/b/g card with one based on Atheros chipset). BTW, my UVC camera only works with original 10.4.11 AppleSMBIOS.kext (which fails to show the System info in Profiler) and one of the old Netkas AppleSMBIOS.kext (which shows incorrect number of CPUS and incorrect memory info). It doesn't work with the kext that can be found in this thread - I don't know why. MaX
  13. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Taruga, unfotunately version 1.13 gives the same results on my AD1986a (Asus A8Jc notebook) - 2 devices: LineOut and SPDIF, No volume controls, No sound. 'Running somewhere' in HALLab2 is permanently 'Yes' after I start playing something (initialy it's 'No') , pausing/stopping playback doesn't change its value. Is there anything I can do to help fixing it? Thanks a lot in advance. Best regards, MaX
  14. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Taruga, Thanks a lot once again for your efforts and hard work. My sound is AD1986A (Vendor Id: 0x11d41986, Subsystem Id: 0x10431153, Revision Id: 0x100500) HDA_patcher gives me 2 output devices: 'Built-in Line Output' and 'Built-in Digital Output'. No volume controls and no sound. 'Running Somewhere' is always 'Yes' (doesn't matter if you play something in iTunes or stop/pause it) in HALLab2 (HALLab doesn't run). Here are the screenshots:
  15. AppleHDA: ALC880 / ICH7 working, Guide to adapt

    Loccy, Change the string DAAAAA== to NAAAAA== means changing the value of the key layout-id in Info.plist of ALCinject.kext. You see the value DAAAAA== only if you use a kind of text editor to edit Info.plist which is not the best idea. If you use Property List Editor (link can be found on this site) the value will be seen in it as <0c000000 > which actually stands for 12 (decimal). According to Macdanger's tutorial it should be changed to <34000000 > Regards, MaX