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  1. Forum Rules. Read. Then Post.

    Hi, I just saw that you don't want to allow links to torrents: In case it is some protected file that is downloaded, I completely understand, but there are legal downloads. For example Fedora Core 8 is now available, and it is strongly recommanded to downloaded using torrents to limit the necessary bandwidth of the Fedora servers. And bittorrent downloading is also often faster.
  2. Hi, I would like to boot linux from elilo (I don't want to use the BIOS emulation) but I have a problem. Actually I tried to boot ArchLinux and Gentoo kernels with elilo, and it doesn't work at all. Today I just installed Fedora Core 8 on an external FireWire hard drive and I can boot on it using elilo. That could be great, except that when I boot FC8, I get a white screen. I know it works because I hear the hard-drive functionning, and when I press the power button, the computer shuts down after a while. I waited long enough I think so X would be started, and I saw nothing. Nothing with the keystrokes Ctrl-Alt-Fn either I heard that elilo don't switch to text mode before loading linux, but I'm using rEFIt that do the job (and I can see the elilo prompt), so I guess that is not the problem. here is my elilo configuration: chooser=simple legacy-free delay=50 prompt default=fedora image=linux/vmlinuz- label=fedora description="Fedora Core 8" root="LABEL=Fedora" initrd=linux/initrd- read-only append="rhgb quiet video=imacfb:macbook" Do you have any idea on how to fix that issue ? Thanks. Mildred.
  3. Debugging question

    Why don't you look at efibootmgr ? http://linux.dell.com/efibootmgr/ It is supposed to be able to change the EFI settings from a gnu/linux system. And of course it's open source. But I never used it yet.