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  1. hardware compatiblity

    Thank you very much everyone for helping me. I have decided to buy a GF210 card and a realtek lan card. I will post how my installation goes.
  2. hardware compatiblity

    Thanks everyone for helping. Actually I will not run Xcode. I am going to stick with php, java ee and oracle. For these applications graphics card is not needed. However I am ready to purchase lowest recommended graphics card to get video acceleration that is required to run mountain lion and hd movies properly. So, is the above mentioned graphics card i.e geforce 210 is sufficient or should i buy more powerful graphics card. If I required to purchase more powerful one then which one shall I purchase? I have finalized everything, just waiting for to make decision about the graphics card.
  3. hardware compatiblity

    I can play 1080p video in linux without any issue but i do not know about osx. After searching I have narrowed down to two options. What about Radeon hd 5450 ? Or should i buy Geforce 210 ? Can I install and use ml using vga port ?
  4. hardware compatiblity

    I do not run any games or 3d applications. This is a development system where i run php, java ee and associated frameworks, application servers using intellij idea. Oracle is also installed as well. Occassionaly i watch movies. So I do not wish to invest in any high end graphics card. If hd2000 or 7200gs will not work please suggest me the cheapest alternative from both nvidia and amd radeon. I am using debian right now and i want to migrate into mac osx without investing officially supported hardware. My system spec is given below, have a look at it and do suggest if investing in mountain lion will be worth it or not. Thanks in advance. i5 2310 dh61ww main board samsung 19 inch monitor (only 1 vga port, no hdmi) 2x4gb 1333mhz ram 250gb wd blue for system and 500gb wd green for storage d-link dfe-520tx ethernet ps/2 keyboard usb mouse
  5. I want to install Mac Mountain Lion. I have i5-2310, dh61ww motherboard and dlink ethernet card.....currently i am using integrated hd2000 graphics but i have an old nvidia 7200 gs in working condition. I intend to use my analog vga monitor as i dnt have hdmi. Can my configuration runs mountain lion using the installation method described here? If any additional configuration needed please do tell me. Thanks.