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  1. Thanks for you reply, still trying to figure it out, got fustrated and took a break now i'm continueing to try and get it to work, I just can't afford to switch to intel right now.
  2. DarkAeon

    How do you use custom kernels for install?

    oh so I would place the kernel on the root of the installation media, meaning the install disk or usb?
  3. DarkAeon

    Dell Inspiron 530

    yeah it's g33mo2 :~(
  4. DarkAeon

    Dell Inspiron 530

    wait what about kernels, since someone is actually responding somewhere. On my AMD, I am running an fx series processor, and a few months ago a kernel was released for it. How do I use the downloaded kernel? I am using Niresh.
  5. DarkAeon

    Dell Inspiron 530

    cn-0g679r-73604-926-0402 is my board's serial number. It's possible to use 2 usb sticks to install something like aitkos? one for distro and one for chameleon? I don't have dvds big enough for full aitkos install QQ
  6. Here are my specs. Mother Board: Asus m5A78L-m CPU: AMD FX-4350 RAM: 8GB I just noticed that they released an FX processor kernel for the FX (piledrivers) I first tried using Niresh version which had custom kernels for AMD installed, and tried using both bootflags in Niresh's tutorial. only the legacy / compatability mode amd kernels would get it to the next stage of the install (sorry i do not remember the boot flags off the top of my head, I lost my main HDD yesterday with all my data so i'm trying to get OSX working for a fresh start and new beginning) it would kernel panic while loading the installer files, and after a few retries it would just auto reboot without the kernel panic. I was using a compatible video card which i purchased just for running OSX. My question is, how do I load up the downloaded fx piledriver kernel for the install. Would I have to put it in the folder with other amd kernels in Niresh's install? Or use a thumb drive or something? That is what I am unsure about at the moment. Or if there is a new test distro out which has FX piledriver kernels added?
  7. DarkAeon

    Dell Inspiron 530

    My inspiron is the dual core one, if I get it working, would I be able to upgrade my processor the the q6600 quad core model? It says it will work on the board, and if i replaced it, does osx auto install drivers for upgraded hardware or would i have to reinstall? Still trying to figure out how to use the extra files like DSDT and the others to install.
  8. DarkAeon

    Dell Inspiron 530

  9. DarkAeon

    AMD FX Kernel

    Thanks but how can I use this kernal for install? Right now my FX Build just auto restarts or panics at beginning of install.
  10. ok i will check them out, thanks! I will get back to you I just need to figure out hwo to load the kernal for the setup. I'm using niresh.
  11. DarkAeon

    Dell Inspiron 530

    Since I didn't have luck with my beasty amd machine, I'm going to try and turn my old dell inspiron into a hackintosh to get me by until I can build a better one. I am wondering what distro these guys used to get it working. iatkos?
  12. http://browser.primatelabs.com/geekbench2/1857135 It shows here people have been successful with my generation of processor. Is there something I am doing wrong here?
  13. Well I was trying to find a osx install that will work with my new fx-4350 processor, I keep having auto reboots in the beginning of install for both niresh 10.7.3 and niresh 10.8.2. So I was wondering if I managed to find a version that will support my cpu I could install my 10.7.5 manufacturer drivers for my compatible sound card, video card, and wireless card. So far I can't even get to mac logo. Mother Board: Asus m5A78L-m CPU: AMD FX-4350 Is my processor just too new to be supported?
  14. Done a lot of google searching and can't find anything.
  15. :EDIT is this my problem? I found this in AMD kernel section Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Bronzovka has just compiled a 32 OR 64-bit kernel space 64-bit user land 10.7.4 kernel. With the arch=i386 flag, GPUs should be working with no graphics issues! This kernel seems to have the instant reboot problem too on Bulldozer/Piledriver. The only working 64-bit kernel for Lion at the moment is the 10.7.4 legacy_kernel compiled by IiTz ShAnE. This kernel requires the -nossse3bit bootflag. " considering my CPU is one of the new piledrivers"