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  1. Finally got Mac OS X Mavericks 10.9.4 installed. However, I was not able to upgrade the existing Mountain Lion VM I had. Essentially, I started with a complete new VM image following every single step of the excellent instructions in this forum at http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/290949-how-to-install-os-x-10x-snow-leopard-lion-mountain-lion-and-mavericks-in-vmware-workstation-910-or-player-56/. Worked flawlessly!!! Thank you folks!
  2. Hello all - I have a functional OS X Mountain Lion VMWare image running on my PC system (Win 7 Ultimate) and attempted to upgrade to Mavericks. Well, I need to admit that I found the Mountain Lion VMWare image for download after spending a couple of weekends or so without success trying to create a new VMWare image from scratch. Anyways, when running OS X ML I get the upgrade notification / option and thought it was a straight forward process. After the download I proceed with the install and before rebooting, I even ran the steps - I thought were the key to fix the freeze issue after the reboot - described here: http://chee-yang.blogspot.com/2012/04/mac-os-x-on-vmware-update-10711073.html Either way - after the upgrade request for reboot (or auto-reboot after a certain time span passes) - the image fails to boot and while the color full mouse cursor keeps spinning, the grey spinner stops spinning on the apple logo screen. I have managed to safe boot the image and change to verbose boot. I am attaching the screen shot and am hopeful that somebody will be able to tell at which state the image stalls or what may need to be changed to successfully boot the VMWare image completing the Mavericks install. Any suggestions / recommendations are very much appreciated! PS: I know nothing about Apple OS (other than having some experience with Linux) so please use the -v switch when responding A gazillion thanks in advance!