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  1. Has anyone gotten sound working on a sigmatel9750 with uphuck 1.3 or 1.4, If i could just get sound running on my osx86 it would be amazing!! Also any fix for the About My Mac bug??
  2. First I want to say thanks for making this DVD, it's really quite an achievement. The choices I made for my Install were: -Intel 10.4.9 -Universal Kernel -2 -Remove CPU Power Management.kext (without this it Kernal Panics) -Titan -AGPGart2.2 -Azalia Audio And then all the media apps. I have updated my signature with my hardware details. Like I said, to get sound working would be awesome, and I'd be set. The "about my mac" is a little bug, but really doesn't matter much.
  3. OK I got my system working again, Still no audio for my Sigmatel 9750 T. There's also still a bug with the "About My Mac", which seems to just reset my desktop, as if I have just logged in. Is there any fix for this??
  4. OK, I am in a bit of a ... Pickle.. with this. The first time I installed it this DVD I got a Kernal Panic (using the SSE2[intel] Kernal).. So I reinstalled and choose to use the Universal Kernal 2. It installed and on restart it came up with the black box "restart your computer" similar to a kernel panic but without all the text in the backround. But anyway I rebooted and it started up and ran great. But with 2 flaws: No sound and when I clicked the "about my mac" option, the screen went blue and then went back to the desktop, as if it had just logged me in(everything I had open was closed). Anyway, I accidentally messed up the partition and decided to reinstall, I have done so now 4 times, and each time I get a kernel panic on boot, except once I only got the restart message (without the kernel panic text in the back), but it came up every time I restarted so I was stuck. I SWEAR I am using the exact same options I used the previous time it worked and ran, but I cannot get it to boot with a panic!! I am pretty sure this what I had selected the time it worked (but like I said, I seem to get kernal panic now): 10.4.9 intel Universal Kernel -2 Titan AGPGart v 2.1 iTunes Quicktime Quicktime Codecs iPhoto FrontRow VLC Can someone please tell me what options I should be using for my system: (except with a fx5200 256mb) http://support.packardbell.com/uk/item/?sn...0022&g=1400 Thanks!!
  5. sigmatel STAC9750T ac97 problems

    I have tried many solutions but I can't seem to get my 9750 to work, os X doesn't detect any sound device... though it works fine in my windows partition...
  6. Updating and Sound drivers

    Can anyone help me, this is driving me CrAzY! Sigmatel C Major Audio stac9750 http://support.packardbell.com/uk/item/ind...1901&g=1400
  7. Updating and Sound drivers

    OK, I installed it, But got a Kernel Panic on boot. I used the Intel sse2, titan and agpgart. There's alot of other settings and patches which I am not really sure about. Do I need to reinstall and try different options or is there an easier way to fix the Kernel?? EDIT: Ok I reinstalled using the universal codec, and it worked !!. The first time i booted up it did get that "error" message in black box on a blue backround, But I rebooted and it, and set up tiger and worked. My sound still isn't working, and I can't seem to open the "About My Mac" window, every time I click it it's like it's relogged me in... all in all it seem to be stable... EDIT: Sigmatel 9750, Audio just won't work, It's not detected my OS X I have tried the solutions here: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=34075 But they don't appear to work, can anyone help me?
  8. Updating and Sound drivers

    Thanks for the reply!! Iam going to download the uphuck 1.3, that seems to be one of the most recent. Also what drivers should I be using if I have a nvidia fx5200 APG, is there some standard Nvidia APG drivers within the install?? Also How do I find out if I have a sse2 or sse3 processor?? I did sse2 because I wasn't sure. Thanks. Edit: Also I am guessing I can safely install this over my osx4.1?
  9. Updating and Sound drivers

    OK, I am pretty new to this. Infact i was bored the other day and decided to give this OsX86 thing ago on my old PC. I downloaded and installed Os X4.1 by partitioning my windows install, then formatting with the osx installer, and it works pretty flawlessly. I was quite suprised, I was sure it wouldn't work!! The only flaw I have notice is no sound... I think i have some Sigmatel Sound card or something, is it possible to get it working?? But anywho, I'd now like to update to the latest working Os X86 version. Reading through some topics here, there's alot of technical jibbish I wouldn't understand. So is the best thing to do re-download a newer version and install over again? Or is some kind of... easier way to update? And will it would just as flawlessly with a newer version?? thanks!