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  1. Bootcamp install on the new Imac

    Simple but still you might try setting Windows volume as the first boot device in Mac OS X Another idea is to rewrite MBR through Windows itself (*though I think the problem is only in the first steps of booting, Win volume is fine)
  2. K, 1) Why the hell you need Vista rating anyway? 2) Trackpad should work fine (maybe some glitches when using multitouch) use the mouse 3) Get used to OS 10, when I got my Mac I was quite frustrated with it, using basic things like copying files, moving, erasing and archiving gave a headache. Since then I chose to stick to Windows and BAM! I cant use Windows now... I've just got used to the Mac and I love it! Stick to Mac OS for a week or two, u'll love it. About the partition stuff, slice up the disk from Boot Camp, install Windows... then slice the volume with NTFS again in Windows. You should have something a semi-triple-boot thingy going on there.
  3. I had several problems now with torrent applications in particular. I've downloaded uTorrent 0.90 (beta I guess), when I set the configuration to make this program default for the .torrent file extension, this damn thing crashes the finder every time I try to open any torrent file. Gets messy on the 5th try, hangs the entire operating system. Can someone help with this one? Another question, as I am pretty new to Mac, I wanted to remove Adobe Photoshop, completely. How do I do it? Just drag and drop directories containing Photoshop, Acrobat, everything to the Trash Can? Or there is some over way that leaves less footprint. Thanks in advance!
  4. Драйвер для Nvidia 280GTX 1Gb

    Luchshe etot vopros pereadresovatj v bolee podhodjashij razdel, Genius Bar naprimer. I na Anglijskom Ktomuzhe ja dumaju v dannij moment Apple ne podderzhivajet dannij chip, mozhno kone4no poprobovatj perepropisatj odin iz kext'ov 9800, no u 2xx serii uzhe nemnogo inaja arhitektura i vratle zarabotajet.
  5. Battery life on a new macbook Pro

    This is not a battery issue, this thing comes up when you drain your battery to a certain extent and connect it to a constant power supply and keep it connected for a day or so. After that battery charge percentage drops from 2 to 6 percent, try unplugging it, drain the power for some time and plug it back in. You will again have 100% battery status. Anyway, 10% plus or minus is not that significant, batteries usually begin to drop fast around 40%, if damaged or faulty or old.
  6. iTunes strangeness...

    Huh, you know, you might try taking a glance on which option you choose, especially when dealing with so much info, before actually pressing it. I'm surprised iTunes didn't actually screw up the integrity of your files, 40 gigs (with average size of 5mb files) is quite a lot you know.
  7. can't install vista after OSX install

    Drop your GPT disk 0 settings in DISKPART via Windows Vista installation DVD. I had the same {censored} after MBR, nothing serious.
  8. Hey, sorry for creating a new topic, but I couldn't find anything through search. So will USB Flash Memory Stick work on Mac OS X 10.4 ? I installed Mac OS X but I havent checked that function out...
  9. It seems that noone really cares about "Intel 3945ABG" I tried to find a solution for like a month now, and nothing helped. Althought I ran into someone saying something about turning wireless ON before initiating the installation, and someone had the luck to fool OS X to see "3945" as an AirPort. I might try it today. P.S. Huh, Mac OS X seems so useless without Wi-Fi...