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  1. Is there an update from the GM build, and where would I get it? Also, iLife and iWork are supposed to be free, but they still have their regular prices for me. Is this because I'm running GM?
  2. ian_mcxa

    Building a laptop

    So I was wondering if it was possible, and how hard it would be to build a hackable laptop from a barebones kit. It would have a weird motherboard, but I think the rest of the components could be ones used in the MacBook Pro. This is the barebones I was looking at: http://www.msiwhitebook.com/product_spec.asp?model=MS-16GC [Edit] Found a better barebones: http://www.clevo.com.tw/en/products/prodinfo_2.asp?productid=479
  3. ian_mcxa

    10.8.5 out

    Someone already mentioned this in the DP thread, but I thought I'd start a new one. Here's the link to the combo update
  4. ian_mcxa

    Introduce yourself.

    My name is Ian. The 'cxa' in my username comes from my ham radio call sign. I am a music producer and I'm in the process of building a hackintosh for audio production/light gaming.
  5. I generally don't call myself a hacker because the world has such a warped view of what hacking really is.