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  1. OS X Lion on Acer Aspire 5310

    Up with update : I've downloaded iAtkos L2 and now i'm stuck at "FakeSMCDevice : Sucessfully initialized" i've tried with npci=0x2000/3000 / PCIRootUID=1 / GraphicsEnabler=No etc.. Still the same thing, when i connect a usb device, a new line appears "USBMSC identifier (non-unique) xxxxxxxxxxxx" and i'm stuck here, i don't know what to do.
  2. Hello all ! I've managed to install Lion in the past on my Aspire 5310, but i've deleted it i don't remember why, anyway, i'd like to reinstall it, but i'm stuck at the line "USBMSC identifier (non-unique)" and when i connect/disconnect a USB stick it still trying to pass this USB thing. I've tried bootflags with USBBusFix=Yes, still the same problem. The weird thing is that Mountain Lion install without any problems, except that i don't have QE/CI on GMA950.. So, not very cool. That's why i'm trying to install Lion. I'm using Niresh 10.7.3 v2. My Extra folder in the USB Stick is empty, i've tried to put a lot of kexts in it but that didn't work. Any suggestions guys ? Thanks.
  3. Yep & Yep ! I'll try to edit the ID's for my HDD in the kexts, i'm actually restoring ML on the USB key. EDIT : I'm trying to edit my AppleAHCIport.kext, but can you tell me where i should put the ID that i've got for my SATA port with the command LSPCI -nn ? EDIT 2 : I got the problem, trying to modify the kext, save it, repair disk and reboot.. EDIT 3 : Same {censored}, still stuck at "Appleintelpiixpata secondary pci ide channel is disabled" EDIT 4 : Stuck at "[PCI Configuration end]" but now i can boot from the USB key to the HDD without the "-x" bootflag..
  4. I can't change the mode in my bios, i don't know if i can flash it and unlock parameters. I'll try with rd=disk0s1
  5. Hi all ! I've a problem with my Acer Aspire 5310, i've Snow Leopard on it (iAtkos S3) and works great, but i wanted to upgrade it to ML so i've downloaded iAtkos ML3, installed the bootloader on the USB key etc.. When the choice of the boot path appears, i select the USB key, but for install ML3 i must type "-x" or it gets stuck (Don't remember the line) (-v is ALWAYS enabled, i'll not mention it) So, installation done, i reboot the PC and then, i boot on the HDD from the USB Key, still with the x bootflag, install Chameleon etc.. And when i try to boot FROM the HDD, it doesn't work, i get stuck at "Appleintelpiixpata secondary pci ide channel is disabled", and when i boot with the -x, still FROM the HDD, i'm stuck at the line "SMC : Sucessfully initialized" and don't boot.. I'm stuck with these 2 lines, can't boot from the HDD but with the USB key and the -x bootflag, that works. I've tried many many bootflag ; npci=0x2000/3000 - cpus=1 - busratio=xx - GraphicsEnabler=Yes/No - USBBusFix=Yes/No still the same result.. So, i'm asking some help here. I hope you'll help me. Thanks guys and sorry for my bad english.