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  1. Alert: No Internet Connection on OS X 10.6.6

    Anyone ?
  2. My Dell Inspiron Mini 1012 is running on 10.6.6 and all the devices that were reported to work with this netbook do work...except Wi-Fi . I am at least able to see networks, but after I connect I get the Alert: No Internet Connection Message . I thought it might be just my connection so I tried to connect to another open connection without a wpa2 password (i heard those were iffy) and same thing . My router is giving off an N connection speed I'm sure (I have Fios Internet) . I have an Atheros AR9285 card . dev id 168c x 002b . I've been searching for solutions but I still cannot get this wifi card to be fully functional . I'll note that in system preferences it says Airport Self-Assigned IP and then the yellow ball right beside it. When I manually assign an IP it turns green but then the Airport doesn't seem to like the iP or doesn't accept changes and goes back to it's default IP.
  3. stuck on grey screen with uphuck v1.4i r3

    I do and I solved it. Well it turned out that I had a bad combo of display drivers installed. So I studied and only installed the driver for my display and im in! Well I do have another prob now. The wireless card doesn't seem to be supported by default. So I found a driver for my Intel Pro Wireless 2200bg card in the driver section of the forums. It still seems to be undeveloped though because it only sees one connection, unlike how it works under windows xp when i see multiple connections. Do you have any suggestions to how I can see the other connections or do I need a another wireless driver?
  4. stuck on grey screen with uphuck v1.4i r3

    did I mention that I could never get out of verbose mode and into mac os x because of these errors when i choose to start with verbose mode?
  5. stuck on grey screen with uphuck v1.4i r3

    ok. i got the exact last lines. they were: IOATAblock StorageDriver :: complete zeroblocktransfer WARNING completing a zero block transfer. and it did that for at least a min or more. it never went away. before that though there were some lines saying: hfs: WARNING blocks on vol disk0s3 not allocated and SystemStarter[56]: Waiting for application services So what's the deal with all of this?
  6. I was able to install uphuck's v1.4 r3 on my dell inspiron 600m notebook. Now the prob is, when I boot, I can get past the grey apple and the spinning wheel but directly afterwards, the apple goes away and I am left with a grey screen. Is it because of certain settings I pick in the install menu? Can anyone please help me out here? Here are the specs: Processor Processor - Intel Pentium M 1.4 GHz Chipset type - Intel 855PM Cache Memory Type - L1 Cache, L2 cache Cache size - 32 KB, 1 MB RAM Installed Size - 512 MB / 768 MB (max) Technology - DDR SDRAM Storage Controller Storage controller type - Ultra ATA/100 Storage Floppy Drive - None Hard Drive - 30 GB (I have 40) Storage Removable - None Hard drive type - Standard Optical Storage Type - CD-RW / DVD-ROMCD / DVD read speed24x Optical Storage (2nd) 2nd optical storage type - None Display Display Type - 14.1 in TFT active matrixColor Support24-bit (16.7M colors) Video Graphics Processor/ Vendor - ATI RADEONVideo Memory32 MB Audio Audio output type - Sound card Audio Input - No Microphone Telecom Modem - Fax / modem Max transfer rate - 56 Kbps Protocols & Specifications - ITU V.92 Networking Networking - 10/100 Ethernet Data link protocol - Ethernet, Fast Ethernet Expansion / Connectivity Expansion Bays - 1 x, 1 x Expansion Slots Total (Free) - 1 CardBus - Type I/II Interfaces - 2 x USB, 1 x Line in/out, 1 x Display / video, 1 x Ethernet, 1 x Parallel Power Power provided - 90 Watt Battery Technology - Lithium ion Installed Qty - 1Mfr estimated battery life4 hour(s) Operating System / Software OS Provided - Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition (I have win xp pro sp2 installed though) Software type - Corel WordPerfect Productivity Pack
  7. I have a dell inspiron 600m laptop. I heard about bios/cmos and I think I am looking for a cmos battery. I found what looks like a watch battery with a purple plastic casing on the top of it. It just covers the top not the bottom. The battery is connected to the board. I can lift it and it will go up and down like a lever. I heard that you have to remove it, but my concern is that how am I supposed to put it back? Will the setup defaults stay on forever if the battery is not there even if me or someone locks up the setup config to just the hd?
  8. No Boot Screen on iBook G4

    I can't. I tried already. you need a password to do it which i don't have or know how to get or reset, unless ive already done that by reseting the PRAM.
  9. No Boot Screen on iBook G4

    I just recently got an iBook G4 from a guy on eBay. When I boot, I get a black screen instead of the grey screen and the spinning wheel. I then get the blue startup screen correctly. Ive tried to contact the seller but he/she hasnt' responded for a week. I don't know if it's has something to do with SUM because, everything before the blue screen, you can't see. He also seemed to have only a limited account and a hidden admin account apparantly because I only see one account on the login screen that is limited. So how did this guy make it so that you can't see anything before the blue screen in the first place and how do I change so that I can see it?
  10. VMware doesnt notice cd drive

    The DVD boots into the installer natively, but like I said, when I go into Disk Utility to format ny partition, my hd isnt even listed.
  11. VMware doesnt notice cd drive

    the dvd drive works. its the hd taht cant be seen.
  12. VMware doesnt notice cd drive

    yes im sure. i even set it to use a physical hd partition when I was creating my VM.
  13. VMware doesnt notice cd drive

    <br /><br /><br />ok. well i did end up losing everything but I had burnt the osx images to dvds before i lost em so were good. ok. back to os x.......... so after i installed osx86 through vmware, it didnt seem to save to the actual partition for real. It just existed inside vmware. I even made it persistent so that it would make the actual changes as if I was installing natively but it didnt work. So how do I go about this one?