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  1. I thank you so much for this extended guide! GraphicsEnabler=yes (this point is really really strange... I mean you enable the disabled iGPU?! this doesnt make any sense at all. I really want to know the reason why this works ) got me into the installation! Know I need to wait for my HDD... Maybe I will post some postinstall problems.
  2. Now I gained some hope again! Thanks for your help. So this is my actual status: - Patched BIOS because without patched PM I didn't got into the bootloader - Used this Mavericks Installer - tried Bootflags: "-f -x -v -GraphicsEnabler=No -npci0x3000" - Also deactivated the iGPU COMPLETELY Still stuck after the Bluetooth... see first post.
  3. Omg in german the option have a totally different name... it isn't like "iGPU Multi-Monitor" its just "iGPU - enabled/disabled" and yes it is disabled all the time.
  4. This is really strange because I see the option in the manual but it isn't there in the BIOS o.O
  5. I just searched for this option but it isn't there...
  6. Hey thanks for that but it didn't booted -.- still the same error I can't disable this function in the EFI
  7. Tried this in every combination...
  8. [10.9 - Installation Troubleshooting]

    I have a huge problem with booting into the install. See here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/290326-asus-z87-gryphon-i5-4670k-nvidia-470-os-x-109/ I would be so happy about some help. Thanks a lot!
  9. I also tried -v and -x in every combination. Ok i will try this in a few minutes. Thank you! Update: So the GFX is out but absolutely nothing changed... still stuck at the same point -.- so depressing
  10. I stuck with my motherboard at a very strange point... The patched BIOS is installed and I took the Mavericks installer from this tutorial. And know I tried several Boot flags such as: GraphicsEnabler, UID, npci. But the Boot just crashs or stuck at this point, also tried different USB ports. Iam booting from the GTX 470 with DVI. I would be so glad for some help with this problem. Thank you guys!