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  1. safari crashed pleas help

    If i reinstall mountain lion there are any chances to safri work
  2. What should i do then
  3. When i was use my safari browser i install an unknown extension after that the safari crashed and a cant open it at all I try to uninstall it and reinstall but safari not working I try to fix disk permissions and to use clean my mac and onyX but nothing help i Try going to the following path and deleting it: Code:~/Library/Safari/Extensions nothing happened i got into safe mode and safari work i use the "Reset Safari" option in the main Safari menu... but when i restart my computer and got in the normal mode the safari dose not work please help
  4. if i delete this plist what will happened
  5. sorry but this does not solve it ideas!!!??
  6. Insanelymac Forum

  7. iStat Pro Widget Fixed

  8. Hackintosh Search

    its perfect
  9. hello guys i install l2 and then upgrade it to ml2 when i check my preferences section in onyX program i get this error /library/preferences/com.apple.Quicktime.plist: Cannot parse a NULL or zero-length data /library/preferences/com.apple.ipod.plist: Cannot parse a NULL or zero-length data /library/preferences/com.apple.preferences.sharing.plist: Cannot parse a NULL or zero-length data /library/preferences/com.winzip.WinZip-mac.plist: Cannot parse a NULL or zero-length data and i quick time do not work either what should i do any ideas please!!!!???