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  1. technomacx

    El Capitan Install on Dell Inspiron 5558

    TeachReviews very nice can you tell me about the guide you follow or how you make the installation because i have the same laptop but with diffrent spec: cpu: intel i7 5500U gpu: nvidia geforce gt 920m & intel hd 5500u thank you
  2. technomacx

    HDD failure

    Thank you very much And sorry for the link[emoji15] Do you have any program to check my hard health on windows???
  3. technomacx

    HDD failure

    My spec: Motherboard : asus p8h61 cpu: Intel i3 2120 Gpu: Nvidia GeForce gt430 Ram: 4gb Hdd: WD 500 gb I don't know what is the method name but it is not a vanilla, a found a post on Olarila website i download the Yosemite.dmg and burn it on usb though terminal And the bootloader was clover Thanks for reply..
  4. technomacx

    HDD failure

    Hello {censored} i installed Yosemite 10.10.1 on my pc and works great after a month disk utility showed me that my hard have a really serious damage and i have to replace it And the system start to be slow alot I formatted my hard and install windows on it and the problem gone??? Why is that happened is the problem from hard or from system?? I took my hard to a technical he said that my hard like a new one!!!! I'm very confused Help please
  5. technomacx

    Realtek 8111E on Lion

    how can i change the setting
  6. technomacx

    graphics card problem

    what should i do to fix it
  7. hello guys i have question some time when i got into a game and press (command & q)to close the game my mac get to freeze what should i do and what kext should i install iatkos mountain lion processors: intel core i3 sandy-bridge graphics card: NVIDIA Geforce gt 430
  8. how can i fix this problem
  9. technomacx

    safari crashed pleas help

    finally i decide to reinstall mountain lion and see what will happen finally after i reinstall the system safari work perfect
  10. When i was use my safari browser i install an unknown extension after that the safari crashed and a cant open it at all I try to uninstall it and reinstall but safari not working I try to fix disk permissions and to use clean my mac and onyX but nothing help i Try going to the following path and deleting it: Code: ~/Library/Safari/Extensions nothing happened i got into safe mode and safari work i use the "Reset Safari" option in the main Safari menu... but when i restart my computer and got in the normal mode the safari dose not work please help
  11. technomacx

    network problem

    if i turn my router off and after that i turn it on the internet will not working tell i restart the computer note: i dont get kernal panic it is clear or not sorry for my bad english
  12. technomacx

    APP STORE error

    every time i try to install from the (App Store) the error code appear error code (1009) what is it and how to solve this problem please!!!??
  13. technomacx

    network problem

    hello guys when i turn on my mac and the router not plugged in the computer the network will not work even i turn on and plugged in the router or when i turn off the router and return on the router the network will not work tell i restart my computer that mean when i turn on my computer the router should be plugged in help please
  14. hello guys when i put my monitor in the sleep mode its stuck some times and can't get back to my desktop what should i do ??? please