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  1. En chameleon, prueba a lanzar la participación "Reservado para el sistema" (la típica que se crea al instalar Windows).
  2. I can't calibrate the pen. I tried with and without type cover. My Sam ID is the same that appear in the touch base driver page (7a9 with type cover and 799 without it)
  3. Fixed Firmware. Surface cover telemetry nop... This drivers is really a {censored} {censored}. Always has issues...
  4. I don't know how many euros € is it and I don't know Italian. I only know Spanish and a few of English
  5. I am having problem with the last Firmware update. Check attach image. Other devices is system cover telemetry.
  6. But nobody have tried to calibrate pen with the latest drivers?
  7. (Surface2OSX) Hi there, the 14 february had an update of the drivers (touch and pen). Now the drivers detect the pen but when I am going to calibrate, the calibrate window doesnt detect the pen touches. has anyone got calibrate the pen drivers?
  8. Buenas a todos. Siguiendo los tutoriales de esta web (aunque para la surface pro 2 está en el subforo inglés), http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/292645-guide-surfacepro-1-2-osx-android-windows-multiboot/ conseguido que funcione mavericks en la Surface Pro 2. Os dejo el vídeo de unas muestras del rendimiento a la hora de moverse con los dedos mediante gestos y demás por si alguno tenía pensado comprarse esta tablet y ya sabiendo como funciona OS X en ella le termina de convencer. www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Jw3Gdw6LqA Un saludo!
  9. It depends of the country laws. No lose warranty in all Europe countrys for example.
  10. Well I get all work except Apple store. The app gestures is really amazing, is there some similar for Windows 8? If it gets a good configuration os x can be more usable than Windows 8 with a few of practice and patience... 23 second from power off to get os x desktop. How long for you?
  11. Surface pro 2 is the best tablet (I believe), but that the other tablets have worse hardware no mean that the surface pro 2 have a great hardware. It is only a mid low hardware. This tablet is done for common uses like office, programing, image edit, even amateur video edit. But use it for virtualize, gaming (I plays Battlefield 4 and the online is unplayable in surface, even with low settings you lose distance view). Gta V won't run surely, 3D edit or advanced video edit with after effects and plugins...
  12. I7 3770k 4.5 Ghz with 670, 16 ram 2133, is no top (mid-high maybe) hardware and it is over than surface pro 2 (over over over and reover) and os x in vm ware or VirtualBox have a lot of lag in the first, in the surface... Boom Surface just have a low i5 with a poor graphics (intel graphics cards... For a kind of device como surface, okay but it is not good graphics of you want do some video editing or playing games). Just check hardware of top laptop or mid laptop and check the surface hardware. It is poor.
  13. Emulated OS X in a great desktop PC is really a bad option, in a poor hardware like surface I can't imagine... 6.2 air or pro for Apple store access?
  14. Hey guys I have a valid serial but I cant enter to store... I dont understand why. I used clover configurator to get ALL the info of Macbook Air 6.2 and in config plist appear too...
  15. thank you very much for all answer. I genereted a serial with chameleon wizard y my desktop pc for a macbook air 6.2. Then I add it to config.plist in the SerialNumber but it doesnt work... I have to add more things?