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  1. Did you try booting whilst ignoring caches? I have a non-workstation unit with a similar card (9500GT); will not boot to login-desktop lest an 'f' flag is instructed with an injector kext. The rest of the nVidia kext that is stock with 10.9 is initiated by NVStartup.kext (that is the concerned kexts). I'm not sure about the 9600 variant but 9500 conjures the tesla associated kext.
  2. iMessage / App Store and iCloud

    ******** UPDATE: iTunes was the cause. I had downgraded to 10.7 from 11 (OS X 10.9's default). Lest I forget
  3. AppleKextExcludelist.kext has never been mentioned. At least: best to my knowledge. I did not know it existed till I came across this page. However, it is officially stated "things" sure are moving around. I do not think the white-listed plists were updated in DP3. What I am certain is the uncertain/unexpectation in one of the upcoming iteration; only because the rules have changed, thus rendering non-Apple builds to be broken due to non-conpliance. Mike, you have to isolate the mobile-computing from classical-computing; in other words, iPhones from iMacs/pros. Apple may get away with iOS (to an extent). There will be no phoning-home or desktop activation with Apple-servers. I may/mayn't be wrong, however I presume the reason for all "these" is somewhat because of the deeper integration iCloud offers: integration with respect to password changer, quick-credit-card-entry and other personal credentials Apple expects its consumers to entrust to OS X. Non-Apple builds will still be very possible.
  4. iMessage / App Store and iCloud

    Mac Appstore I get the following error when accessing and attempting to retrieve app downloads from the App Store. This is not so updating system-wide updates. I am not sure if it has to do with the fact that I downgraded iTunes; for I can’t isolate the case. I will greatly appreciate some assistance. A few of my troubleshooting attempts was clearing the cookies, resetting the application (via the debug menu) located under the sub-menu and deleting the ‘com.apple.appstore’ folder in the associated directory.
  5. Impossible to update

    Sounds as though you do not meet the minimum space needed as a buffer for a successful upgrade. Free-up your hard drive, repair permissions and re-attempt the upgrade.
  6. To those concerned, this is the official change. 'Things' are slightly different in this coming release. One is left to wonder what's left to expect in DP4/GM; as some (or many) may have broken installation upon hasitly upgrading. Things [surely] have been moved around and design-considerations (checks) implemented. So far, the changes are not as "dramatic" as the thread has implied. Work-arounds are still very possible. New.zip