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  1. I have managed to get iMessage to connect, but it won't sent message to anybody, i put my phone# emails but the all come red (as they are not registered with iMessage service) I'm using Clover EFI boot. Update: created new Account "imtest" skipped iCloud setup and logged in. Starter iMessage logged in with the the same appleid and was able to send/receive messages from my MBP & phone. Fixed: by creating new user, iCloud, App Store, iTunes, iMessage works.
  2. 6 monitors with 3 6870s Issue

    Hello Yesterday i did a second build (10.8.0) which was somewhat successful. Apart from the sleep issue and "my" displays arrangement issue everything else worked just fine. Now every time i restart it rearranges the displays in different order. My friend has the monitors connected to 3 Radeon HD 6870 (no idea of sub model i dot follow radeon cards and their specs). If anyone has an idea or information where i should look into i would appreciate it. Thank you Martin Specs: Asus Rampage Extreme 3 with i7 3x ATI Radeon HD 6870 256bit 32GB ram 6 asus monitors