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    GTX 760

    The 7/6 series cards are amazing and won't hear a peep out of them. I have the EVGA Superclocked GTX 770 2gb it's a reality nice card. You shouldn't run into any graphics issues since you're on 10.8.4 you will get full QE/CI and works out of the box due to self initiation features. Good luck!
  2. blipotech

    QE/CI Glitchy Graphics issues on 10.9 GTX 770 and Haswell

    In regards to Hackintosh and the 770, yeah I have very little understanding with this card. And thanks for the info I will update to DP2 and hang tight for further updates and QE/CI support.
  3. blipotech

    QE/CI Glitchy Graphics issues on 10.9 GTX 770 and Haswell

    Hello again! And many thanks for the replies. Good to hear you've got the 780 up and running! And yeah unfortunately no wed drivers for the 7 series on 10.9 :/ Perhaps installing a copy of your ATY_Init.kext would solve? Also what card comes up when you look at your 'About This Mac'? I've just booted with the suggested arguments, and unfortunately no change. Ive already attempted a clean re-installation with myHack to see if it would fix the issue and patching ATY_Init.kext with Pandoras Box but also no change. Are there any other solutions for this issue via DSDT, kext, boot args etc..?
  4. Hello folks! I'm having some graphics glitches with my GTX 770 on OS X Mavericks 10.9. My boot args are -v GraphicsEnabler=Yes PCIRootUID=1 The glitch seems to happen mostly in graphical transitions. Instead of a smooth transition the graphics blink rapidly during transition animations then return to normal when there is no transition movement. Ive attempted to use pandora's box to patch the video kexts with no avail. Any ideas on how to go about resolving this issue and getting full graphics acceleration in 10.9? Relevant hardware: EVGA GTX 770 2gb (Read as the GK104 in 'About This Mac') Gigabyte z87-HD3 i7 4770k OSX Mavericks 10.9 (issue persists in both DP1 and DP2) Any help is much appreciated! thanks in advance!
  5. blipotech

    AMD Build help

    Congrats Jonty! Maybe double check your res settings in your .plist boot file, to verify your changes are being applied? If not change them manually either in text or as a boot argument.
  6. blipotech


    Also try debug=0×100 or debug=0×144 and grab a picture with those.
  7. blipotech

    Introduce yourself.

    Hello all! I am Blipotech a current engineering student of computer software for mostly mobile devices with Java Android SDK and iOS. I also like to use CS6 for graphic, html, and project development and Logic for music production. I have finished my Haswell Hackintosh build and successfully have OS X Mavericks 10.9 up and running with only cosmetic (Graphic) issues. Build: intel i7 4770k nVidia GTX 770 2gb 8GB ram 500GB HDD, 128GB SSD Gigabyte z87-HD3 This forum has been a great tool for both pre and post installation and has a very helpful and healthy community. I find myself visiting more and more often!
  8. blipotech

    Compatible wireless cards?

    I have two drives as well one 500GB HDD and 128GB SSD Windows 7 on one and OS X 10.9 on the other. I used the 500GB HDD to test with since I pulled it out of my previous build it was 'leftovers' and haven't had any disk related errors thus far. However, I will say if you can go with an SSD for your OS X installation it's much faster. As far as the dual boot goes it's all a matter of your partitioning methods and BIOS version of which ever motherboard you go with.
  9. blipotech

    AMD Build help

    Have you taken a look here: http://www.osx86.net/cat/12-kernels.html for any related/patched kernels ?
  10. blipotech

    Compatible wireless cards?

    Have you installed the drivers? Scroll down you should see the 8187L:http://www.realtek.com.tw/downloads/downloadsView.aspx?Langid=1&PFid=1&Level=6&Conn=5&ProdID=36&DownTypeID=3&GetDown=false&Downloads=true Also what OS X version are you using ?
  11. The EBIOS read error and block sectors are referring to a problem regarding your boot disk. Did you format your drive correctly before booting ?
  12. blipotech

    Compatible wireless cards?

    Save yourself the trouble and go with the Atheros AR5B9 and GCWB300D. The methods you describe you are bound to run into compatibility issues.
  13. So I've reinstalled and back on DP1 and still having the same glitchy graphics issues attempted for the 3rd time to use Pandora's Box patches for graphics issues with no avail. CONFIRMED: there is no full graphics QE/CI support in OS X Mavericks 10.9 both DP1 and DP2 for the GTX 770 2GB on Haswell Hackintosh builds. However, all other aspects of both DP1 and DP2 including Booting with the following parameters (-v GraphicsEnabler=Yes PCIRootUID=1), Ethernet (Realtek RTL8111 Drivers), HDMI audio, and built-in audio input/output(VoodooHDA 2.4.8) are functioning as intended. So, it's great for everyday type of computing, but unfortunately for those who wish to be graphically productive in CS6, CS5.5 etc. with a similar build should stick to a Mac Pro, Macbook Pro, or a Hackintosh with more compatible graphics cards (like the GTX 550, 550ti and lower).
  14. I'm on DP2. the smbios is no longer an issue I am using 5,1 from chameleon wizard and it is working fine. Installation is not an issue either, as I am able to boot without safe mode. Enabling QE/CI is the main issue I am running into. For example videos, youtube works but with a screen flickering glitch and opening launchpad shows lines before the apps come up instead of a smooth animation. Also, I am not sure what you're getting at regarding the installation could you clarify please. I appreciate the replies!
  15. Uh oh... should I reinstall? I mean it's booting fine, I just have glitchy graphics... also the is /packages folder more relevant to the graphics issue or the booting issue?