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  1. So, after finally buying a new Asus laptop (a big upgrade from my old dv6739nr), I was pleasantly surprised to see it had an Intel inside. So I downloaded iATKOS ML2 (Mac OS X 10.8.2) and followed the Windows guide (involving 2 USB drives, dmg2img, Clover, and a few other utilities) and got it to install without any additional boot flags. (It worked software-accelerated because the Intel HD kexts caused kernel panics). It battery wasn't read by the os, WiFi and Ethernet wouldn't activate and, worse of all, no matter what method I tried, I could not install a bootloader to the hard drive. So I decided to reinstall, using the Mac install guide (involving restoring the DMG and installing the bootloader to the USB) and choosing the appropriate battery and intel hd drivers/patches, and now the installer is in 1024*768 and I can't get the computer to boot into the hard drive no matter what flag (kernel panics). Here are my specs, can my PC install Mountain Lion? If so, what options should I choose during install? ASUS X550CA-SI50304V: Intel i5-3337u Intel HD Graphics 4000 mobile 500GB HDD Atheros wireless card (I don't know what specific model) No Bluetooth 4GB RAM I still have the Clover USB drive, and the installer drive. I've spent days trying to figure out and troubleshoot this myself, but now I need some expert help.
  2. Is it possible?

    Okay, I looked through that topic. But I can't find anything that can help me. I don't know if it's actually there, or if I'm just stupid and cannot find it.
  3. Is it possible?

    I did. I found a few threads (most of them had 0 replies), one thread had someone with the same laptop as me, so i messaged him a few months ago asking how he did it and have yet to get a reply.
  4. Is it possible?

    I don't see anything there telling me why my HDD isn't being detected in Disk Utilities.
  5. Is it possible?

    Hello OSX86 land, I'm relatively new to the world of "Hackintosh" and I've been attempting to install OSX on my laptop for months now. Every time I try to install, my HDD simply isn't detected in disk utilities. I've tried iDeneb, iATKOs, and Leo4All and none of which can seem to detect it. I checked my BIOs for the option to change the "SATA Controller mode", but it doesn't exist (I contacted my Manufacture's Support forums and they've confirmed that it's impossible to change that). So I'm now asking, is it even possible to install mac on my PC? Here are my specs: