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  1. Hey guys, I was wondering what your boot times were on your machines. Mine's well over a minute and a half and restart takes even longer. It seems to be progressively getting worse. I also noticed that sometimes my video works properly, other times it doesn't. Sometimes the menu bar loads translucent and all video is smooth, other times, the menu bar is opaque and everything is choppy. I'm not sure what to attribute this to. I am running DP2.
  2. I've had some luck with my onboard graphics. I changed the BIOS default onboard memory from 64MB to 512MB. Then I injected AAPL,ig-platform-id set to 0x0c260000 per Pike's blog and put that in my bootloader plist. I rebooted and I was greeted with my desktop at full resolution. My menu bar is translucent and it recognizes the model of my monitor. I haven't had any luck with using multiple displays with the onboard graphics. I have a VGA port, DVI port and HDMI. I use HDMI for my primary display. I tried hooking up another display via DVI, but the screen said "Out of Range" and when I booted with DVI and plugged in HDMI, the HDMI screen said "out of range." Both screens are recognized in the display panel and are running at their native resolutions, but I can't get them to both work at the same time. My next attempt was to hook up HDMI and VGA or DVI and VGA. In both scenarios the screen with HDMI and DVI would show a display, but the screen with VGA would show the white loading screen. The VGA screen was not recognized at all in the display preference panel. I tried to boot with "GraphicsEnabler=no" and I got a picture on the VGA screen, but it was just blocks and pieces of the main display, and again, was not recognized in the display panel. I ran a Cinebench test to compare to Pike's results. Screenshot is attached. On a side note, sleep still works and is directly related to the GPU. Without the ATI HD5770 card and without changing the platform ID, when the computer went to "sleep," it would just show a white screen without actually going to sleep. With the graphics card in, it would sleep properly, fans off, and would awaken via bluetooth or front panel. After I injected the code and took out the graphics card, sleep once again worked. I still have yet to find a solution for ethernet or wifi. I have the Intel i217V LAN chipset.
  3. Gus93, I have the Intel i217V. Pike, could you point me in a direction on how to inject the device ID? I'm not very familiar with how to do that. Thanks guys.
  4. I was able to get it 10.9 running on my Gigabyte Z87X-UD4H board with Haswell i7 4770K using MyHack. I haven't had much luck with the onboard sound, network or video cards...
  5. Hey guys! After reading some pointers here, I was able to get Mavericks running on my Gigabyte Z87X-UD4H board with a Haswell i7 4770K. I've tried to keep a detailed log of everything I've changed to remember what I did, but somehow certain things that didn't work in the beginning suddenly started working. I used MyHack to create a bootable image on a 16GB thumb drive using the Mavericks 10.9 .app. I formatted my HDD and ran the OS X installer. I noticed that I had the bus ratio problem, everything was going twice as fast, the spinning wheel and the spinning beach ball, as well as the loading bar. Once the installer reached the end, it started running all of the MyHack commands, installing the specific kexts and removing the unnecessary ones. The default settings worked for me. When it came time to reboot the computer, I started getting a bunch of weird errors which I think were MyHack specific, but they weren't very detailed. I pushed on, reset the computer and loaded to the desktop on Mavericks using the thumb drive again. It turned out that the bootloader hadn't installed properly. I downloaded Chimera 2.1.1 and upon reboot, I was able to load straight from the HDD and also the clock issue was gone. Everything runs at a normal speed. At this point, I was still using the built in HD4600 graphics, but I was not getting full resolution and it was only recognizing 63MB, even in the bootloader. I went and installed my old ATI HD5770 graphics card and used "GraphicsEnabler=No -v" to boot successfully and at full resolution. I noticed that it takes a minute or so where it hangs at "PCI Configuration Begin" and the graphics card fan roars. After that it brings me to my desktop and I am able to use multiple displays, taking advantage of the new multiple display feature. I have an external audio interface, the Focusrite Saffire 6 USB which I use for sound. I downloaded the OS X drivers from the website and was able to install them and sound works. I can't figure out how to get onboard sound to work and it doesn't work through HDMI either. For bluetooth, I use the GBU421 adapter by IO Gear. It connected automatically with my Apple Keyboard and Mouse and even works in the bootloader. I've tried to get my WiFi working, I have a Belkin F5D9050 which I was using with Lion, however, I can't get it to work and I'm exploring other options for wifi, since onboard lan doesn't work either. Power management wise, sleep works. At first it didn't, it would just give me a white screen, and when I moved the mouse or pressed a key, it would bring me back to my desktop. The machine wouldn't actually shut off. Somehow today, it just went to sleep on its own after I had left it idle and woke back up when I pressed a key on my bluetooth keyboard. It goes to sleep just fine from the menu and wakes up on power button or keyboard stroke. That leaves me with trying to figure out how to get a network connection and how to get my onboard graphics to work. I read on here that a couple people have had luck with their onboard graphics, any one else able to get it to work?