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    OSX on Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E335

    Hi, does anyone got OSX running on the "Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E335 NZT72GE"? Specs: AMD Vision E2-2000 AMD A68M FCH Chipset AMD Radeon HD 7340 ​ Is there a chance to get OSX Mavericks (or above) running? Thanks in advance.
  2. ardeo79

    Mail-Update for Mavericks 1.0

    Found a solution which worked for me: I changed the build number in the "SystemVersion.plist" (/System/Library/CoreServices/) from 13A598 to 13A603. After this the manual update worked for me. Reboot osx86 with the changed build number also works. P.S.: After rebooting App Store finds the "Mail Update 1.0" and it's possible to install it (again after installation of the downloaded update). P.P.S. Mail is still working
  3. ardeo79

    Mail-Update for Mavericks 1.0

    One of the changes in the two build versions seems to be the Mail App. See here. Probably that's why the Mail App won't update on build number 13A598....
  4. ardeo79

    Mail-Update for Mavericks 1.0

    I updated from the last Developer Preview to "GM Seed" with the mentioned build number. (Didn't make a clean (re-)install.)
  5. Hi, yesterday Apple released an update for Mail. This update doesn't show up in App Store on my osx86 and if I try to install it manually, it says my hdds are not compatible with this update. Anybody has the same problem? My OSX86 Mavericks has the build number 13A598. (iBooks 1.0.1 update successfully installed btw)
  6. Hi there, I managed to install OSX Mavericks on a separate partition of my system with myHack 3.2 beta 8. Unfortunately I don't see no pci cards like the network interface or soundcard. The booting hangs a while at "PCI configuration (begin/changed/end)" but after that Mavericks starts normal. The optional boot flags "npci=0×2000 or npci=0×3000" don't solve this problem. Anyone has a tip what to do? I installed the chameleon bootloader in Mavericks. But booting to it only works if the usb installer stick is plugged in (with chameleon bootloader installed on it). What do I have to do to get a working bootloader for Windows 7 (starts as default) and Mavericks? Thanks in advance!