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  1. Time to bring back the real stacks

    Resurrect! I can't understand why the community would give up on this one...
  2. Time to bring back the real stacks

    Do you want the WWDC build? I have it on a disc somewhere as well... Edit: I've zipped up the Dock.app from 9a499 so you'll have something to work with. Hope it helps. It'll be downloadable until the 22nd, at which point, the link will no longer work. 9a466 Dock Extracted it using Pacifist. I really do hope this helps. I don't want to see Stacks go down in flames. Piles were a better idea though anyway... maybe Apple will take the hint...
  3. Time to bring back the real stacks

    Wait, stacks functioned that way in 9a559? I have that version somewhere...
  4. Time to bring back the real stacks

    Could someone more dev-savvy look into this?
  5. Stacks Proposal

    If a folder to the right of the separator appeared to be the folder icon, then it is actually the folder, and you can drop items in it to move them, etc. When you click the folder it fans out like a stack, but when an item is opened or the stack closes it simply returns to being the single folder icon. If multiple items are dragged to the right of the separator, then "stacked" icons will appear, and a stack will be created, and no files are moved. I think it follows the natural flow of OSX, and would make sense to most users, once they use it a little.
  6. Time to bring back the real stacks

    I'd love to see this come to be a reality once more.
  7. Window switching in applications

    Command + ` moves between windows in an application.
  8. PLEASE. Get rid of that apostrophe in tons. Ton is not possessing anything, so please, get rid of that apostrophe. Sorry. I'm crazy when it comes to grammar.
  9. Airport Wireless N

    What problems did it cause? And I think it's the default in Leopard, so the only thing you could do is swap out a ktext, probably... But what problems did it cause...?
  10. Has Apple updated the Dock since 9A559?

    You're just wrong. Wrong. Wrong. It doesn't dip as far down as the 9A559 one did, but the "S-curve" as the resource file calls it still does curve.
  11. How to rebind keys?

    What region are you in? What keyboard layout? I'm a bit confused as to what you want to do here...
  12. Flash and 9a527

    Thanks for all your help guys... Hah. Anyway, trashing the prefs folder located at ~/Library/Preferences/Macromedia fixed it.
  13. First impressions about leopard

    Time Machine doesn't suck. It's very useful, and visually appealing. Simply saying "Time Machine sucks" doesn't validate your point one bit. Exposé does what it was designed to do just as well if not better than Compiz and Aero combined. Exposé was designed to be simple, intuitive, and graceful, and if any window management system was ever put into place that accomplished all of those design goals, it's exposé. This, bee tee double-you, is somewhat applicable. In reality, all Leopard adds are some fancy visual effects, a new dock, and Time Machine. Lots of improvements "under the hood," but those go unnoticed by most users. You're comparing Leopard to Leopard?... It's smoother than itself? Think before clicking post. Oh and for future reference, when you have a period, you put a space after it. When you have two words, they are separated by a space. Just... overall, the space bar doesn't consider being touched all over offensive in anyway. So if the space bar doesn't mind being touched a lot, then by all means, molest your space bar when typing your next post. Please.
  14. Flash and 9a527

    On YouTube using the Flash that came installed in 9a527 I get no sound. The volume slider is always at the lowest setting by default, and raising it does not change its behavior. In Viddler, nothing loads. Suggestions?
  15. Floola problems

    Haha. It's a multi-platform app for managing an iPod. You can even put it on the iPod, then delete your iTunes library on your computer, and as long as you don't sync with your iTunes again, the iPod will keep all the music, then you can use Floola just to add new songs and delete and whatnot, without having to maintain a copy of the song on your computer.