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  1. Mully


    As a nube it mis confusing enough but when articles are 2 years old it makes it difficult to learn So much so for me I ended up hiring someone to do the install software for me.
  2. Mully

    Introduce yourself.

    Hello all .... I really like this site and i have so much to learn and here seems to be a great place. I have been a Mac owner since Jan 1985 (128k Mac) and have always purchased what I needed from Apple so I am not knowledgeable in all the tweaking and special programs. I have been a commercial advertising photographer for 40+ years and now retired. I purchased a Z77-UP5-TH MB and i7-3770 CPU (waiting delivery this week) along with a Gigabyte 660 graphics card. I am trying to gather as much info as I can so I can make this work right. I live in North Carolina, USA and think it is so great that people from all over the world help each other with building their projects.
  3. Mully

    Pandora's Box (Beta 2 Testing)

    I am working from a Pro Mac 1.1 and Pandora worked well installing on a 16gig scan disk. Somehow I got a bonus when creating this disk (a file folder called Mac OSX Install EDS). Did not know what to do with the folder it made so I burnt it to a DVD. The stick has the Pandora icon on it and it installed files. What do I do with the file Install EDS?? I have not tried an install from the Pandora stick yet as I am waiting for the CPU to get here next week..... will update once I try the install. I am using MB... Z77X-UP5-TH CPU i7-3770K Pandora installed the following files on the stick. Does this look right? I have been a Mac user since Jan 1985 (128K Mac) have not messed with windows so all this code thing is new to me. My Pro Mac is dying so I need to make this work very soon.