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  1. HP EliteBook 2560P DSDT help

    hi everyone I am struggling to make my own DSDT file for my new laptop HP EliteBook 2560p, I get error while trying to compile; Intel ACPI Component Architecture ASL Optimizing Compiler version 20091214 [Dec 16 2009] Copyright (C) 2000 - 2009 Intel Corporation Supports ACPI Specification Revision 4.0 /Users/me/Library/Application Support/EvOSoftware/DSDT/DSDTFiles/dsdt.dsl 1: ACPIR.CPU1, 0x80) Error 4096 - ^ syntax error, unexpected PARSEOP_NAMESEG, expecting PARSEOP_DEFINITIONBLOCK ASL Input: /Users/me/Library/Application Support/EvOSoftware/DSDT/DSDTFiles/dsdt.dsl - 27816 lines, 955141 bytes, 0 keywords Compilation complete. 1 Errors, 0 Warnings, 0 Remarks, 0 Optimizations the specs of my HP EliteBook is in this pdf file CPU: i5 Sandy Bridge Chipset: Mobile Intel QM67 Express Chipset (vPro5 support) Graphics: Intel 3000 Audio: High Definition Audio (SRS Premium Sound), stereo speakers, combo headphone/microphone jack, integrated dual-microphone array, optional HD Webcam9,10,11 thank you guys, I really appreciate your help dsdt_ori.zip
  2. Leo4allv3 finished and released

    you know what would be cool? if someone would upload on usenet servers, an I would get it like 2500KB/s download speed once I download I will definitely upload on usenet
  3. New Kalyway 10.5.2 Release!

    I alway have problems installing Kalyway's OSX and I have no idea why, I can easily install iTkos, Toh, leo4all, brazil , but kalyway's always seems to be a problem, and for example what does this error mean? couldn't validate the contents of the 'BaseSystem' package I tried DHCI, RAID, IDE, and all of them fails with kaly's DVDs any suggestion please, thanx EX38-DQ6 E8400 C2D 8800GTS 512 G92
  4. MacWorld: Steve's Keynote

    nfg315: you are 10000% right. sadly but there are people out there that will buy that {censored} and will brag about it everywhere: radios, TVs, online , streets etc, disgusting
  5. MacWorld: Steve's Keynote

    so no rumors about 8800 G92 GPUs ??
  6. any 8800 GTS g92 support maybe????????
  7. The "Mac Guy" was Right

    some of my friends have iTunes and they can only play or share music only on one computer, plus buying CD is more expensive but you get way better quality vs. 128-bit apple mp3 songs. I have no respect for 128 bit mp3 songs no quality, maybe for majority of iPod fans the quality is good enough but for me not.. as far as media center goes people that used both apple front row and XP or Vista Media center will admit that Windows is just way better for many reasons.
  8. I need confirmation from developers that GTX 768MB cards working please. so far I read a few threads that were posted with the questions regarding GTX 768MB and no answers. can anyone please confirm. If I had this card installed I would just test myself, but I am about to check out from newegg with the GTX 768MB card and I need to be absolutely sure I am not wasting my money? I have Intel 955XBK MoBo, Intel CPU, and about to buy PNY GTX 768MB video card , Leo with efi v5 and ToH kernel
  9. Block All P2P!

    this guy what's his name -Mark Cuban-is so , by 2009 almost everyone will be on Fiber Optic speed, also I can be doing offsite backups backing up TB of information daily so what than is he going to complain about a freaking offsite services slowing down the net? if he doesn't need videos or big files to download why the does he need high speed internet in the first place get a freaking dial-up and enjoy 2.0 web, don't the internet with your ideas, are you guys with me!?
  10. can anyone post a linky to efi guide I've seen it somewhere in these forums
  11. does that mean that boot camp will work? and we can boot camp Vista? (don't ask why I need a boot camp )
  12. Full Dell Inspiron 6400 System Working

    were you able to fix sigmatel mute problem
  13. Audio in Leopard Not Working

    hey are u on leopard? I have sigmatel 92xx audio HD and can't seem to patch, can u post instructions online for us. and also what version of patcher did u use u mentioned 1.16 but I think this is kinda old a little. did u have to install some driver before patching/?
  14. I have sony cam no problem, I have iLife no prob the only problem I have is that Apple DVD player would shut down if I play mounted DVD's like iso, img, dmg, but my DVD works fine if I insert regular DVD into DVD rom, so weird issue isn't? also inTiger no problem so it cannot be CPU or Sound, or IDVD or Ilife in general. I am running Brazil Leo,
  15. hey macgirl, can you confirm if its possible to run boot camp on hackintosh OSx86 and if yes can u write a guide or direct me to the right guide/