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  1. debu.sagii

    Belkin F5D7050 v4 - Mac OS X 10.6

    any takers....???
  2. debu.sagii

    Belkin F5D7050 v4 - Mac OS X 10.6

    Can someone please provide me with some links or help or inputs ...Thanks in advance!
  3. debu.sagii

    f5d7050 v4

    Can you please lemme know how r u trying to configure ur wireless adapter...??? Part from that you can try this: http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.ph...10.5.7#Wireless Search Belkin in the table and u can find the link to the article...which may solve your problem.
  4. Hi all, I am using Belkin F5D7050 v4, I recently installed Mac OSX 10.6 retail on my machine. I am facing problem with my wireless USB dongle (i.e. Belkin F5D7050 v4). I have tried all the methods and drivers (Zydus etc.) but nothing seems to work. Actually, all the tutorials and solutions are given for Mac OS X version other than 10.6. Product Id: 28764 Vendor Id: 1293 Although I can see my USB card in the System Profiler but unable to add in my Network Settings... Please suggest...??? Thanks!
  5. Hey, thanks for the reply......it worked like a charm! The video resolution is not correct probably I need to install NVidia drivers right!
  6. debu.sagii

    boot problem after installation

    Probably in the first case you needed to change the Windows XP partition to active partition.........that could have solved the problem! Then added the Mac OSX partition by adding a entry to the boot.ini file and chain0 file........
  7. Still not able to figure out what is the problem with the startup......i booted with -x -v -f options at a go..........the startup again hangs up at the same point....please suggest Thanks in advance!
  8. Kindly boot with the '-v' option and then post the output for further help........ Am also unable to boot to Kalyway's 10.5.2 Machine Specs: MOBO - Intel DG33FB, Intel Core 2 Duo, 3GB RAM, Gigabyte 9400GT Graphics Card Enabled AHCI for my MOBO through bios settings......... The startup hangs at file system mount.........screenie attached Thanks in advance!
  9. debu.sagii

    Need Help Figuring Out "Frozen Leopard Desktop"

    Hi, Dunno, this is the same problem which I am facing.....with Intel DG33FB, nVidia 8600 GT, Kalyway's 10.5.2..... There is some problem with the graphics driver for nVidia.....Anyways if you want to try.......as you select the Apple Mac during bootup......press F8 and try changing the resolution ?? To so try searching the forum........ Bye and take care!
  10. Hi, I started off with Kalyway's 10.5.2 and updated to 10.5.3 using Kalyway's ComboUpdate. The problem is with the Graphics Driver. I can't use any resolution other than 1024x768x32@75. I have a nVidia 8600 GT (512 MB) graphics card. Whenever, I tried to install the update using other than the above resolution I can't go past the blue screen after update. Moreover, if I installed the update using the above resolution and change the resolution after the update, I am again stuck at the blue screen. Can anyone tell me what is happening. Moreover, I tried to use the nvinstaller after the update but its of no use still I can't switch to higher resolutions. Bye and Thanks in advance!
  11. debu.sagii

    Any x86 releases works with IDE DVDs ?

    Hi, I also installed using the IDE DVD Drive, I used Kalyway's 10.5.2 install iso, iATKOS 2.0i doesn't seems to work though. Thanks!
  12. debu.sagii

    Drivers for Intel 82566DC

    Hey, did you found the driver for the NIC. Waiting for reply soon, Thanks!
  13. Hey, dvguy, yes I am having a Kalyway 10.5.2 bootable DVD. Bye1
  14. Hi, I was on the same boat as your now, try these: 1) Remove the USB mouse and keyboard and try the PS2 instead, I don't know how it worked for me. 2) Try booting off a SATA DVD Drive, if you can afford to. 3) Check the jumper settings on the DVD ROM, it should be in the Master. 4) SATA HDD, should be plugged to the first SATA Port. 5) If using SATA HDD and SATA DVD Drive, HDD should be Master(jumper settings) and DVD Drive should be Slave(jumper settings). 6) Finally, check the Hardware Compatibility List. HAPPY HACKINTOSH! Bye and Take Care, Do post the Results!
  15. Thanks for the reply!