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  1. I haven't updated to the GM yet, but at least DP 3 seemed to work pretty great for me. Besides some failures of bluetooth kexts and such.
  2. To install additional extensions I would use the program, Kext Wizard.
  3. I would say that both of those boards would likely work if you are willing to be persistent. However, Mavericks is predicted to officially come out at the end of next month, so you may want to wait?... Also, I haven't been paying much attention, but possibly there is Haswell support in 10.8.5 which just came out
  4. That's great that you are ready for the install and it works. If you run into issues with this installation, I do know for sure that MyHack has MBR support if you end up needing that.
  5. I definitely know that feeling. You may want to consider using one of the more packaged solutions such as MyHack which provide a way to "ease" into creating a Hackintosh.
  6. You're right about the MBR support, sorry, I didn't really consider that. I guess mostly I thought that was targeted at people with fully separate drives, but there's no reason it doesn't apply to you as far as I can see. In terms of making the USB I'm not really sure the solution to your issue.
  7. I know you don't want to trash the Vista partition (why are you using the dreaded Vista?), but according to this and a little bit of other reading, I don't know if you have much choice.
  8. In that case there should be a place during the myHack USB creation process where you select MBR: "Posted on 2013/06/11 by Conti This has taken a lot longer than I anticipated to actually release. I have not had the time, energy or financial resources to dedicate more time to this project than a day here or there for many months. There are still more changes planned for the 3.2 milestone and I like to avoid releasing minor builds or revisions these days but in this case it is quite justified due to this years WWDC and the release of the 10.9 developer preview. The download is available on the guide page. Changelog: Bugfix: Fixed “user canceled exiting error”. Bugfix: Fixed (and improved) dialog icons. Made MBR Patch optional (yes/no dialog)." From MyHack Installation Page
  9. Are you using the installer from the beginning of my tutorial? If you use that installer then you should not have issues with MBR. If you try that installer and still have issues, update me and I will find you the right one.
  10. What did you use to install ML? Also, how did you get the bootloader to function? I am still having issues with this sometimes. Did you format as MBR?
  11. So, I actually broke my install, wah wah wah... I have been working to get it back up and running (trying a new installer for kicks) and it's been a challenge. When I am successful I will do that!
  12. Not sure what you're asking me to post?
  13. Did you have any issues w/ iMessage? Mine just will not let me log in. I am planning to do a clean install either tonight or tomorrow night so maybe that will fix it. But if not, I'd love to know if you faced any issues with that?
  14. I will check as soon as I can, unfortunately I won't have access to my desktop until a week from today due to a vacation. I will update as soon as I am home though. I am 95% sure that I formatted both drives as MBR and that the guide I wrote was based on an original plan, not what actually happened. I will edit it now.