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  1. I'm not sure how to reverse this.. I had OSX running on a vmware virtual session.. I was trying to make a bootable clover usb and accidently installed it on the VM.. The Vm still works but now I have to go through clover.. What is the easiest way to return it to normal, and boot the VM without clover.. Thanks
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    Clover usb not working

    FWIW I have never been able to get that utility to work right (would only make a working chamaleon loader, and installer would not be found).. I had to create my installer manually through a virtual OSX machine... Its easy enough, just format a USB stick with one GUID partition, restore the installer to the USB stick (you can get the exact command pretty easily - google is your friend) then run the clover installer and have it put it in the ESP.. (assuming its a UEFI PC), otheriwse install it as legacy.
  3. Having problem installing mavericks 10.9.1 on ASUS G75 Series G750JW-DB71 Intel Core i7 4700HQ with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 765M Initailly I was getting a quick reboot when it looked like it was enabling the graphics screen.. I replaced the kernal with the one you had at the beginning of this thread.. It now hangs as below (definitely farther than before) any suggestions.. FYI I built my boot image using myhack 3.3.1 I removed all the apple intel graphics drivers as I was told that was an issue.. Thanks for any help..
  4. Before I try and upgrade my curent image (10.8.5) to mavericks I tried to upgrade the image to hw10 (its hw 8).. I am running workstation 10, when I upgrade the image from hw8 to hw10 I'm stuck on the login screen as the mouse and keyboard do not function.. Any ideas? Additional info I'm using windows 7