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  1. Ipod touch 2G jailbreak

    here some new news about jailbreaking of ipod touch 2G http://blog.iphone-dev.org/post/70407787/t...Comment13963892 also www.redsn0w.com
  2. Kextload works only as a root. anyway the script do it automacally(previously u must edit sudoers). the script do this .. "sudo kextload -t /system/library/extensions/i8kfan.kext" for the script works u must follow the instructions on i8kfan readme. 1. Open up a Terminal window and try loading I8kfan.kext: sudo chown -R root:wheel I8kfan.kext sudo kextload -v I8kfan.kext 2. If it loaded, run "sysctl i8k". You should see this: i8k.power_status: 1 i8k.cpu_temp: 40 i8k.bios_version: -1 i8k.fan0_speed: 111180 i8k.fan1_speed: -1 i8k.fan0_status: 1 i8k.fan1_status: -1 Or something like that. If not, then your system probably isn't supported due to my poor coding. 3. If everything has worked thus far, move the extension into the /System/Library/Extensions folder: sudo mv I8kfan.kext /System/Library/Extensions/ sudo chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extensions/I8kfan.kext sudo chmod -R 755 /System/Library/Extensions/I8kfan.kext You may also want to repair permissions using Disk Utility.
  3. AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext doesn't matter i guess, because i8kfan.kext do all the job(Fan Control). anddd for the speedstep.app and IntelEnhancedSpeedStep.kext that u linked, i didn't know of that, but with this, Speedstep works thanks for the link .
  4. Drivers for fan control on Dell Laptops

    why u don't post the compile kexts?, the author don't write about this since may 13 2007 D:
  5. mi 2nd fan works sometimes, but I think the program's not doing the job right, like the creator says: "My knowledge of writing IOKit drivers for Mac OS X is very limited and it would be greatly appreciated if someone with more experience would help me out with cleaning them up." but someone write a .diff files to patch them. i don't know how it works with patched kexts.
  6. TSC sync XNU patch

    I have ur same laptop. and i replace Vanilla Kernel(From kalyway 10.5.3 combo update), with 9.4.0 patched vanilla kernel from here. 0 troubles, flawessly! pd: I use chameleon.
  7. Well, finaly i have i8kfanGUI without passw at login and etc. These are the steps. First Install I8KFanGUI0.2.dmg(following the instructions) and add it to startup items. second, in terminal. chown root:admin /Applications/I8kfanGUI.app/Contents/MacOS/I8kfanGUI chmod 4755 /Applications/I8kfanGUI.app/Contents/MacOS/I8kfanGUI third, do a app(or script executable), with script editor. and add to startup items(attached below) but, u must have edit sudoers ,this eliminates the need to input the password for load the kext. In terminal: Sudo su "passwd" visudo (here push 2 times enter , and press E for edit) On visudo Press I for insert and edit the file. and find this line: # User privilege specification root ALL=(ALL) ALL %admin ALL=(ALL) ALL change the %admin line to: %admin ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL press ESC and type :w! /etc/sudoers , and close the terminal. to verify it, open ur terminal again, type sudo su and it mustn't ask for ur passwd. to remove i8kFanGUI from the dock at startup Use Dock Dodger. reboot and test. pd: i'm a n00b in this, sorry if made a mistake . i8kext.app.zip
  8. i tried this a week ago, and doesn't work. xD EDIT: i tried 0.1 version and works.. and i tried again 0.2 version with dual fan, and works but.. the kext doesn't load at startup, when restart the system , u must go to terminal and type kexload -t /system/library/extensions/i8kfan.kext , next run i8kfanGUI.
  9. Time Problem: Mac and Windows

    i have the same problem, but i guess that fixed it.. change the time.windows.com to time.apple.com
  10. TSC sync XNU patch

    ahha yes i know, i fix that today. tscsyn adds to mach/XNU kernel
  11. yes thanks sonotone, AppleSMBIOS is fixed with the best SMBIOS. few minutes ago, i had troubles with the audio, no sound...and but reinstaling the kext with Taruga 1.20, works, but the script fails i guess.
  12. code .diff its a patch for any kernel, but i guess that the kernel must be the exact version that .diff patcher. i'll hope that netkas of anyone else, add to them kernels ,TSC SYNC. Tsc sync + speedstep (A)
  13. TSC sync XNU patch

    THANKS!!!! OUI!!! i'll been waiting for this patch a lot of time xD. thanks OUI again!