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  1. Cant get 1440x900 resolution

    That does not work for me, I've tried it several times, and I thought that worked only with VESA ?
  2. So, my 10.5.2 install is working _flawlessly_, 4gb RAM (with maxram=3325 setting), AMD64 5200, Nvidia 8600GT, 4 nv-sata drives. Dual screens are working flawlessly, except, my widescreen monitor.... it doesn't give me the option for 1440x900 resolution. It gives 1152x870, 1270x768, 1280x960, 1344x1008, and 1440x1050, (and of course loads of other weird resolutions) but no 1440x900. I'm not using NVinject at the moment, I used the hex/DevicePath/EFI hack for my 8600GT. does anyone know if there is anyway possible to get 1440x900 out of this sucker?
  3. Injecting Drivers Into an Install DVD

    It's about flipping time someone wrote a tutorial. Thank you, this guide helped me successfully inject my specific drivers into a DVD for installation.