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  1. maxb2000

    VirtualSMC — SMC Emulator

    @vit9696 Can you implement cycle count reading for the battery like in ACPIBatteryManager ? It shows 0 cycles on my HP ProBook 4540s. and when I plug the AC it says Fully Charged and I am at 86 %, and Charging says No. What debug files do you need ?
  2. maxb2000

    Need help compiling my DSDT with HDEF

    Download the latest version of MacIASL from here: https://bitbucket.org/RehabMan/os-x-maciasl-patchmatic/downloads/
  3. Information you can find here: https://www.seagate.com/www-content/product-content/ssd-fam/nvme-ssd/nytro-xf1230-sed/_shared/docs/nytro-xf1230-sata-ssd-ds1889-1-1605us.pdf
  4. @MaLd0n I did some progress regarding DSDT patching and I patched the DSDT myself so now sleep it's working with both graphics cards (GTX 750 Ti and Intel HD Graphics). The thing is that with your DSDT I had the powernap option in the Energy saver now with my patched DSDT I don't have it. Do you have a patch for that ? Thanks ! I have attached the patched DSDT by me below so you can take a look DSDT.zip
  5. This means: GVA info: Successfully connected to the Intel plugin, offline Gen75 Hardware acceleration is fully supported That HW is supported but not used or what ? I have both HD Graphics 4400 and GTX 750 Ti enabled in the system
  6. maxb2000

    Clover General discussion

    Good to know that. One more question. If I enable timeout 0 in clover and I press any key why doesn't stop the boot like it should ?
  7. maxb2000

    Clover General discussion

    Yes, I always turn off CSM and sometimes I enable fast boot. The second question is. Can we turn off the APFS log in Clover ?
  8. maxb2000

    Intel CPU hardware vulnerability

    The thing is that my latest Gigabyte BIOS or better said UEFI is {censored}ed up. It's buggy as hell. So no way I will keep that BIOS if the bugs that are present in the recent versions will get into the newer BIOS with new microcode patch. When I say bugs I say: corrupted display output when no bootable device is found, sometimes the system doesn't boot, sometimes SATA devices aren't detected even with the port being enabled. I reported to Gigabyte those problems 2 years ago and just a classic response that they forwarded the meessage to the tehnical team. After 2 years no updates. Should I expect a new update now ? I don't think so.
  9. maxb2000

    Clover General discussion

    Graphics switch to 1024 x 768 when entering UEFI Shell also. I have Windows 8 WHQL set in UEFI settings so it loads the UEFI GOP Driver. This way, the BGRT (The logo of the OEM) is at native resolution, in my case 1920 x 1080. The thing is that I don't understand why UEFI Shell and APFS driver switch it to 1024 x 768.
  10. maxb2000

    Clover General discussion

    Done, I downloaded bootx64.efi and copied it to the Clover folder and rename it ! Still same freeze and the APFS log is still there. Btw: why we have 2 Clover binaries ? instead of just: \EFI\Boot\BOOTX64.efi ?
  11. Anybody sent them a report regarding the problem ?
  12. maxb2000

    Clover General discussion

    You only attached CLOVERX64.efi to the post.
  13. maxb2000

    Clover General discussion

    Same stuff: Freeze on APFS log
  14. @MaLd0n Hi, What patches do you apply to the DSDT via MacIASL for 8 series motherboards ? If you're apply other patcher from other sources can you give a me link ? Thanks !
  15. maxb2000

    Clover General discussion

    debug.log.zip There you go. I tried with multipile DSDT, plist etc.. but the same freeze. The only thing I can say is that the phone "mounts" or represent a virtual CDROM for Mac even in charging only mode on which you can find Android File transfer... I think that the virtual CDROM that phone has on USB connection is the problem with clover Here you can see how it is recognized by macOS: