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  1. An update done ok, restart with -x flag and reinstall mentioned above kexts. Works fully! Thanks again.
  2. ok, thanks a lot! I'll try today and post the result.
  3. Another question: is it safe to update to 10.8.5? Thanx again!
  4. ML starts only with -x flag

    Problem solved with this help: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/284275-asus-p8h61-m-lx-r20-mountain-lion-1082-100-working/
  5. Thank you VERY MUCH!!!! I thought I will never get off the -x mode!!!!
  6. ML starts only with -x flag

    Actually, the panic didn't change from the last screen picture.
  7. ML starts only with -x flag

    Hi guys, the problem is not solved yet. A little bit of history: I've posted a message in asus forum concerning my MoBo and how to disable VT-d and there is no solution to this - I've renewed the BIOS, vt-d still active and there is no way to disable it in the BIOS menu. So here I am again looking for answers and advice how to make my system run in normal mode. The problem is definitely not in video - it works ok in -x mode, the only problem though is flash displaying - it seems like refreshes 1 frame in a sec. Everything else is ok. I would leave it the way it is if I would not need the system to work in full for my work assignments (-: But maybe someone would have a fresh idea on my situation with this MoBo... Later I will post a picture of the current panic. Thanks a lot again everyone who participates. I hope the topic (or rather the solution) will help someone else with same problem.
  8. ML starts only with -x flag

    Thanks a lot, guys. Will look for it in BIOS, because I've found only VT there. Thanks again! Will post on results.
  9. ML starts only with -x flag

    Hi everybody! I couldn't post yesterday, but I still have the same problem. System has started in normal mode only once and then only in safe mode. That's where the boot stops: Any sugestions?
  10. ML starts only with -x flag

    Thanks to all who has helped me!!! I will get to my hackintosh tomorrow morning and will continue my work with your help to make the machine run in normal mode. Have a nice evening and good night!
  11. ML starts only with -x flag

    There is no such kext Do you mean NVDAResman.kext? Removing has helped but now my video is ugly (-: how can I fix it?
  12. ML starts only with -x flag

    where this nvresman is to be found?
  13. ML starts only with -x flag

    Sorry, last picture was made before the NullCPUPowerManagement was applied. Here's what I've got after returning to the old variant^ And in bios I have the following - Intel Virtualization Technology - DISABLED - is it the vt'd you've mentioned above? Another question - if I will update to ML10.8.4 - will system work ok? Or better fix the problem first? (-:
  14. ML starts only with -x flag

    Ok, will look for it in bios. Not sure where to look but will look through all bios.
  15. ML starts only with -x flag

    Thanks a lot, will do and report back I've followed your recommendations. The sister still stops in this spot: