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  1. iTunes on AMD crashes...

    I had the same problem once, also updated by accident. What I did was found a guide online to downgrade my iTunes, I'm not sure how but I had an older version of iTunes which was pre-patched for AMD. So i just uninstalled the new iTunes completely using the guide, and then re-installed the old iTunes, updating it with ASU afterwards to get the latest patched one.
  2. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Screenshot of my MSI Wind. Love it so dearly!
  3. Just a couple of my first snaps.

    thanks for the comment. I took these with a Samsung i6 Digimax, 6 megapixels. I think i'll make some adjustments to the 1st photo.
  4. Hi, I tried to install an automator script on my OSX box (10.5.6), which can be found here: http://www.hackint0sh.org/forum/f146/60657.htm I tried installing it, but foolishly rebooted it when nothing was displayed on the screen. Now I get a kernel panic where it is "Resetting IOCatalogue" continuously. I was wondering if someone with good knowledge of the terminal could help me reverse the steps it took to restore it back to normal. As far as I am aware the automator script basically backed up my two original kext files into a new folder on my desktop and replaced them with it's own kext files. Here are the steps the automator script does: 1. checks if you are at Mac OS X 10.5.6 or better (if not will quit) 2. show a readme 3. quits all running apps (with save option) 4. backup the original files (AppleUSBHub.kext and IOUSBCompositeDriver.kext from 10.5.6) in a new folder on your Desktop 5. ask for your admin password 6. copy AppleUSBHub.kext and IOUSBCompositeDriver.kext from 10.5.5 into the desired location on your Mac 7. set owner:group and permissions 8. rebuild the kextcache 9. reboot your Mac If someone could help me some commands to use in single-user mode that would be awesome! THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ANYONE WHO REPLIES!
  5. Just a couple of my first snaps.

    I'm kinda new to the whle photography thing, but I like to experiment. Here's just a couple of photos I snapped over the past year which turned out quite nice. Let me know what you think!
  6. OSX on Netbooks (eee, mini note, acer one, etc.)

    OK, thanks for the response. Just not sure whether to get a mini 9 now or whether to wait for a new model to come out? Any idea roughly how long i'd have to wait? If it's after the summer then I may as well get it now as I want to bring one with me on my Rugby tour to New Zealand this summer.
  7. OSX on Netbooks (eee, mini note, acer one, etc.)

    I'm looking into replacing my old laptop (Vaio PCG K115m) with a osx86 netbook. I only use it for web browsing, itunes, and watching videos. I really like the looks of the Dell Mini 9 and the MSI Wind as replacement options. I really like the look of the dell mini 9. More so than the MSI wind. However I am concerned with the amount of space in the hard drive. As i understand it only supports ssd drives which can be pretty pricey, whereas the wind supports normal hard drives which can get very large. I imagine all my music and videos could clog up the PC, hence why I am leaning towards the msi wind. Would you guys recommend getting the dell mini9 or the msi wind. Or do you think I should hold fire for a while and wait for a new line of netbooks??
  8. Thanks for the reply! So if I just re-install OSX from the iPC distro and use the Migration Assistant with my time machine, my settings and programs will be restored??
  9. Hi, my specs in my sig. I currently have iDeneb 1.3 installed with modbin kernel (I think) and it's been updated to 10.5.5. However, i'd really like to re-install iPC with the new voodoo kernel offered and 10.5.6 as it seems a lot more AMD friendly. I have a Time Machine at the moment, which has backups of my PC as it is at the moment. But what I was wondering is whether there is a way in which I can install the iPC OSX and then restore all my settings and applications across from my time machine making it how it is now, but with the new kernel and 10.5.6 update. Thanks for any responses, Tom.
  10. Unable to Patch Quicktime on AMD 10.5.4

    Nevermind fixed it myself! For those who ever get into the same problem here are the steps I took: 1. Uninstalled Quicktime. 2. Downgraded to a lower version of Quicktime (7.4) 3. Used ASU to update to patched version of 7.5.5 SOOOO HAPPY!
  11. Hi, I foolishly downloaded and installed the latest Quicktime update direct from the Apple website on my AMD box. Since I installed it iTunes crashed, cover flow in finder was slightly buggy and Quicktime did'nt work. I managed to get iTunes working again without album art by removing the quicktimecomponents.components file. I guess this is what needs patching. So I've been trying to patch it using Marvins AMD Utility, selecting the Quicktime folder and then the whole Volume, and neither has worked. It finds CPUIDS on in my Volume never seems to create any CPUIDS. Can anyone suggest any solutions to this? Can I re-install osx86 without losing my settings or current apps, just restore the quicktime? Do I have to wait for a Quicktime update and then use Zephyroth's AMD Software Updater to install a patched version of Quicktime? Thanks, Tom
  12. Hi, i've got the same problem, itunes crashes because of the quicktime components file (My specs are below - it's an AMD). Trying to patch the file by selecting the directory it's in doesn't seem to work. it recognizes it needs patching but just doesn't do anything about it??? So at the moment I'm trying it now with the whole volume selected. I'm using the create patcher package option. Does anyone know what's wrong?? Thanks!
  13. iTouch Screenshots

    Cheers mate, got it all setup now!
  14. iTouch Screenshots

    What's the app you guys use to play last.fm. I notice the icon in the top bar when I see your screenies. I've only got the last.fm app from the appstore and it doesn't minimise which gets rather annoying! Thanks!
  15. mATX Pentium 4 Board for OSX86

    I just searched and there seems to be only the PC itself for sale. THe motherboard on it's own I think is also specifically for one of their cases. I have eveything for this PC except the motherboard. Thanks fro yuor help though. PLEASE IF ANYONE DOES USE ONE STILL REPLY!