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  1. Come on Leeds! (Checked in at Leeds United A.F.C) http://t.co/4zoA7yd3Fv

  2. matsquatch

    G5 to ATX Front I/O Cables

    Hi - am approaching the mid point of my build, so am interested in a cable shipped to the UK - no firewire on my board, and don't really have a use for it - still worthwhile getting an internal card for ease of use re: the cable, or can I do without. Thanks, Matt
  3. Trip out with the kids..... (Checked in at Wensleydale Railway Leeming Bar) http://t.co/nj2eq0RRVD

  4. matsquatch


    Hi all - just registered having lurked around fore a couple of weeks. I've been looking for a new project, and a couple of threads on OCUK took my interest, rebuilding x86 hardware inside G5 cases - I've always loved the case, but never got round to having one, but those threads, and what I've read on here have prompted me to get one of ebay, so I'll be stripping that out, then thinking about what I'm going to do. Thinking about haswell, possibly watercooled, with an mATX board when they get released. Got some saving up to do, and some bits to sell to boost funds, but looking forward to having a go over the next few months, and will make sure I take photos. Cheers, Matt