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    Clover General discussion

    Are u kidding? ) Are you really count seconds until GUI ready? Отправлено с моего htc_v01 через Tapatalk
  2. Savva_Mitrofanov

    [AMD] Yosemite Kernel Testing (for help use the Help Topic)

    Can somebody replied last kernel from Bronya?
  3. Guys i tried it , all everything went Ok but my notebook got overheat and it's power off during installation, now i can't boot clover properly, it stuck at Looking for boot entries and that's all , i tried chameleon from usb flash drive it gives me 2 partition 1 Recovery HD Installer , and second Recovery HD installer, i can't boot now cause no FakeSMC, any ideas how to boot clover again? This is really horrible situation.
  4. Guys any ideas how to rollback ATIRadeonX2000 to 10.6.6 on mavericks? "System freeze problem" started from 10.6.8 to 10.10 Originally seems , that problem caused by UVD in ati gl plugin... However i can't properly debug ati kext's with apple kernel debug kit, so if someone have good skills in assembly pm me
  5. Savva_Mitrofanov

    [AMD] Yosemite OS X 10.10 DP & Beta

    on mav pp didn't work? for me it works
  6. Savva_Mitrofanov

    AppleNForceATA x32/x64 new SL version recompiled.

    I hope ps: i have ahci mode on 78s so i use this kext only when connecting old drives which works only on IDE , however i tried to boot in SATA mode instead of ahci and my system was successfully booted pss:Install it in to /System/Library/Extensions/IOATAFamily.kext/Contents/Plugins
  7. Savva_Mitrofanov

    AppleNforceATA Mavericks

    Version 2.0


    Reworked medevil project also credits to AnV Install it in to /System/Library/Extensions/IOATAFamily.kext/Contents/Plugins
  8. Savva_Mitrofanov

    AppleNForceATA x32/x64 new SL version recompiled.

    I made some changes to this driver: 1)Added support for mcp 78s 2)Added support for mcp 67 3)Added support for mcp 2A 4)Added support for mcp 89 both ide and sata works fine on this chipsets now Also compiled for 64 bit with 10.9 sdk There are sources and compiled kext (build/release) AppleNForceATA_Mavericks.zip PS: Install it in to /System/Library/Extensions/IOATAFamily.kext/Contents/Plugins
  9. Savva_Mitrofanov

    [AMD] Working Builds!

    ASUS M3N78-EH: South Bridge: MCP78S similar to MCP79 which used in MacMini 3,1 so i set smbios to Mac mini 3,1 and many devices work oob after editing dsdt Audio : ALC883 - using patched by my hand AppleHDA LPC : dsdt patched smbus : dsdt patched rtc,,ipic,hpet : dsdt patched and renamed usb : dsdt patched , using vanilla kext, i spend a lot of time to solve sleep issues on this stuff , chines leaked data sheets help me in this Sleep : working perfectly Wake-On-Lan : working perfectly all monitor and other garbage like ps/2 cleaned from dsdt CPU AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ - VoodooTSCSyncAMD to solve lags cool & quite : working via editing p-states in ssdt and using p-state changer, however i don't use them Video: NVIDIA Geforce 9800 gt working oob , just edited dsdt Sata: patched as intel ich6 in dsdt, mcp 79 don't work cause it completely different ahci chip from 78s Bootloader : Clover Ethernet : Nvidia nforce lan - works well with nforcelan kext , but no wol , so i disabled onboard lan and bought new nic RTL8169(SC) - slice's kext works fine Kernel and OS version: not matter , i'm sitting on current working system from snow leopard , just changing kernel's and updating os, now i'm on 10.9.5 and using bronya's rc2 kernel based on 10.9.4 sources So in conclusion , i just use 3 non-apple kext's : voodootscsyncamd , applertl8169ethernet, fakesmc
  10. Make a binary compare and create diff , then create binary clover patch
  11. Bro can you upload from 10.9.4 iohidfamily from 10.9.2 iohid work great but i think from 10.9.4 would be greater
  12. Savva_Mitrofanov

    AMD DMG Development

    Yep i know i just delete garbage and optimized table