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  1. I know I said I had solved the issues but not really, I have a couple of problems. 1. when the bluetooth is on, the wifi doesn't work reliability and vice verse. 2. I was not getting to work is to wake up the system by keypress on my bluetooth keyboard or waking up using the Magic Mouse. I think, that the Bluetooth module is shutdown totally while the system is sleeping.Is there something I can do to get wake on bluetooth running? I am using usbinjectall.kext with a customized SSDT to disable unused USB ports. USB itself is running fine, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0.Thanks for help
  2. Thank you for the response, so eventually, I managed to get it working! had something to do with placing a piece of tape in-between the card and the contact area to get a snug fit. and installing the supplementary update! my only issue is that the card prevents sleep , here is the log for why, maybe you know a solution... something to do with power management? Sleep works fine without the card. [SOLVED!} the bluetooth was not recognised at internal even though it specifically changed that to 255 in my SSDT_USB.aml injectors. Solution was to edit the injectallusb.kext and change HS14 *for me only* to 255 and that solved it!! https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/316815-bcm943602cs-combo-card-prevents-sleep-on-sierra/?tab=comments#comment-2299422
  3. Hi, as per your guide, I have purchased the Wifi+bluetooth card you recommend twice! i can't get bluetooth to show up or work. Wifi is working though. I can assure you that i have my USBs fixed properly. still no luck with bluetooth. doesn't even show up in system pref. "I'm using an original >> Apple BCM943602CS WIFI+bluetooth module and adapter, this has native support in macOS High Sierra and needs no kexts / drivers. It works out of the box!" My setup is very similar to yours: mobo: asus z370 F gaming i7 8700k gtx 1080ti please advise me further! much appreciated