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  1. Ok, I am at 10.8.2 with Sinetek's kernel for AMD processors. I got QE/CI enabled by entering my Dev-ID into AMDRadeonAccelerator, ATI5000Controller, and ATI6000Controller. The glitches are crazy. Chrome is a solid box of black and orange. Anybody got any hints? It's running in 1080p so far!
  2. Ich bin eine Nase x) I am a Nose. x)
  3. How to make work HD 6770 on Lion?

    It's supposed to support all FX Processors. Now, what I suggest is backing up your original Mach_kernel in case something goes wrong. Also, you have LION and not MOUNTAIN LION - right?
  4. How to make work HD 6770 on Lion?

    No no no delete anything HDA and THEN install voodoo. These will cause a conflict and that's the reason for your kernel panic. When they are together, they fight and it's not good for your PC. Yeah if you could upload that, that'd be great!
  5. How to make work HD 6770 on Lion?

    Woah woah wait what? AMD Radeon Acc. Kext is on Lion? I don't have this!! Is this my missing link? and I am very glad I was able to help you! Anything else, I will try my best! For audio, if you keep getting a Kernel Panic, go back and look and see if there are AppleHDA or any HDA kexts in your S/L/E
  6. How to make work HD 6770 on Lion?

    Lion does not have AMDRadeonAccelerator (I believe) It has X3000
  7. How to make work HD 6770 on Lion?

    Ok, you have an AMD machine- Do you also have an AMD Kernel? You are on Lion, you need to get a Lion AMD Kernel. You can use this one if you don't already have one. It should make everything more stable. Also, try switching "0x3000" to "0x2000". PCIRootUID=0 also. If the machine boots under new settings you should check and see if your card is recognized. 3650-ion kernel for amd update 3.zip
  8. ATI Radeon 6xxx, working QE/CI

    The resolution changer is gone and it's no QE/CI I think so no not really. I know it's strange I think I did something wrong but I am not sure how.
  9. ATI Radeon 6xxx, working QE/CI

    Sure. I'll get it once I get in the door. Here it is. After Update #1.zip
  10. How to make work HD 6770 on Lion?

    Ok, repair permissions, and then list me your bootflags and your OS X.
  11. [LION(10.7.5)/AMD] ALC889 No Audio

    If you can, post which ones are the worst and post which ones are better than others.
  12. [LION(10.7.5)/AMD] ALC889 No Audio

    Post results!
  13. ATI Radeon 6xxx, working QE/CI

    But I thought you said we had the same card o.O Ah.. nvm it's a 6570. I have a 6750 .__. Update: Hey, I just updated to 10.7.5 and now it says I have YOUR card. Kinda cool right? ^^
  14. [LION(10.7.5)/AMD] ALC889 No Audio

    Have you tried enable SSEE2? If it's not working, try a different VoodooHDA version. I tried 3 different ones before I got it right. I think mine was 2.7.2
  15. How to make work HD 6770 on Lion?

    Ahh this one is a little tricky and it took me a bit. So, first if you have a microphone in your front 3.5 mm Jack- I would remove it for now because this will cause some noise. It caused some noise for me and it wasn't so nice. So you have an ASUS M5A88-M. Ok, for this you should have something like "Azalia". If you find this dev-ID, this will be important later. You may have to do the same thing. I would get Voodoo HDA 2.7.2 because this is the kext that worked best for me on Lion 10.7.4. A lot of times some versions are better than others! If you need more help you can also ask Nataniel4. He's good with Audio.