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  1. Hello everyone I am currently trying to install Mountain Lion 10.8.4 on my notebook, but I did not have much success. This is my hardware: - Intel Core i7 3610QM 2,3 GHz (Ivy Bridge) - AMD Radeon HD 7970M - 8GB RAM - Motherboard: Clevo P150EM And here's what I tried so far and what kind of problems I had: First I tried installing with ##### and myHack. They both had the same problems: I could only boot in safe mode and with GraphicsEnabler=No. I searched a lot and often found guides about editing the DSDT. But since I could not find any for my hardware and I don't quite know how to patch them myself, I tried to find another way. That's when I read about Clover. So I made a bootable USB stick with 2 partitions (one for Clover and the other one for the ML InstallESD.dmg). I can boot into Clover just fine. It detects my two GPUs (Intel HD4000 and Radeon 7970M) and sets the native resolution correctly. Now when I try to boot the installation of ML I have two problems: 1) My USB 3 ports get turned off. At least for any hardware besides my mouse. So I can only use my single USB 2 port. 2) If I boot with my install stick in the USB 2 port I get up to the GUI initialization I guess. After a bit of waiting the display turns black and if I insert a HDMI cable I can see a white background and the spinning cursor on the second screen. It stays that way. I tried using different framebuffers in the Clover config (Aji, Buro, Chutoro), but nothing seems to get me further. Also: I found one post, suggesting to remove the ATI7000Controller.kext for the time of installation and put it back later on. Now that I wanted to try that, I stumbled upon this: I searched my BaseSystem.dmg for the ATIxxxxController.kexts and to my surprise my ML 10.8.4 does not include any ATI7000Controller.kext! My questions are: - Is it possible, that it got removed with the update from 10.8.3 to 10.8.4? Can anyone confirm this? - Do you guys have any ideas what I could try to make the installation not hang? - Is there a way to get the USB 3 ports working during installation? - Does anyone have any experience with AMD's Enduro technology (switching between IGPU and DGPU)? - How do I get the internal screen of my notebook working? I hope I got the most important aspects in this post and that someone can help me to get this installation working. Thanks in advance