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    Stuck on Windows7

    wow, didn't know this is still necessary. I thought Chameleon will take care of all this. Isn't there a windows installation for Chameleon? e.g. here. there are likely newer versions, didn't look hard enough. good to see it works cheers
  2. doh, apple trying to redefine the world of mice again thanks. btw. I have a small bug with autofit. if I resize vmware the guest autofits fine. But as soon as I click anywhere on the guest desktop I see a white band appear right under the Apple menu bar. If I move any window over it or open a menu item it doesn't come back in that same area. is that expected? also, when I scroll in any program (finder, firefox ...) there is a vertical line from top to bottom about 2/3rd from the left where the image breaks for a split second with one side about ~20 pixels behind. It is pronounced on pages with contrast. Checked other areas but it's the same position
  3. Hi Zenith, got Lion working now and tried your drivers. The audio driver installs but I never see any devices. The svga driver installs fine as well with a number of different resolutions that weren't there before installation. but here I can't get the autofit to work (installed guestd_patches.pkg as well) no matter where I change it (edit-preferences-display) I must be missing something obvious. Any hints appreciated. edit1: problem solved. I had an old version of vmware tools installed. After I installed the latest from darwin313.iso and reinstalled the drivers everything started working as advertised. thank you!!! btw. I noticed that my Logitech mouse scroll wheel is backwards in browsers (safari). It's ok but odd. anybody else noticed this? edit2:just tried something interesting. Used migration assistant on Lion and SL, both open in vmware (bridged network) and they actually see each other. Problem is that the lion migration assistant is complaining that the SL needs to be updated. Downloaded the updated migration assistant but it will only install on 10.6.8. Hope I don't break my 10.6.7 SL going to .8. will see and try again. would be cool if that allows me to transfer programs, docs and settings... edit:3 wow, maybe this is an old hat, certainly not for me. I am able to transfer between SL and Lion under vmware.
  4. hey MSoK, great idea. maybe for some the different darwin.isos are confusing. e.g what is different between darwin.iso from Fusion 3.1.2 and donk's. might be helpful to add a short explanation/description for each. thank you! tgd
  5. you got an intel wireless. not sure why the ralink should work unless you are trying an external USB adapter? congrats on figuring out it was the voodoopower that caused havoc. (at least I had it in my list of possible culprits ). I can't help you with sleep on nvidia. hopefully somebody else can help you. good luck
  6. please list your complete hardware specs so we can follow your problems (we know you have an nvidia go, but that's it). I don't have my E1505 anymore. I do remember I was able to install iAtkos (same version you got). There are no graphic card drivers for 64bit that I am aware of and you should force the system to boot in 32bit with <key>arch</key> <string>i386</string> in your com.apple.boot.plist. My gma950 only worked correctly if I had its efi string in com.apple.boot.plist present under <key>device-properties</key>. This may be the same for nvidia. you need to find people here who have the nvidia card for specific help on that. the core issue is related to kernel, or efi version, or it could also be power saving issue. I often had problems when AppleIntelCPUManagement.kext was present and OK after removing it. That however is always lagging irrespective of CPU settings. Can't imagine that the kernel is wrong with iAtkos install. It sounds like your tscsync isn't installed correctly. Remove it and reinstall it, use kexthelper to install. other things to try. if you installed VoodooPower or Battery kexts, try to remove them. Always, always try minimum of kexts when installing a release (iAtkos). which web browser are you using? did you try firefox? btw.: using diskutility may give you some space but won't solve any of your problems.
  7. I'd love to help you, but I have no clue about coding. Thank you for your work on this!
  8. see my post above. an older version of divx will work. if you use 7.0 instead of 7.3 you will not get freezing or black screen. genius! both divx and vlc work now on my Radeon HD 3850. from log: Jan 18 21:44:51.519: vcpu-3| Guest: IOGL: create_host_surface_for_texture: Using YUV Alternate for texture 1 Jan 18 21:44:51.552: vcpu-1| Guest: IOGL: create_host_surface_for_texture: Using YUV Alternate for texture 3 thank you!!
  9. same here. black screen, sound working. Jan 17 19:25:13.517: vcpu-3| Guest: IOAC: UYVY Caps Jan 17 19:25:13.517: vcpu-3| Guest: IOAC: ConvertToARGB Jan 17 19:25:13.518: vcpu-3| Guest: IOAC: OffscreenPlain Jan 17 19:25:13.518: vcpu-3| Guest: IOAC: NoFilter Jan 17 19:25:13.518: vcpu-3| Guest: IOAC: NoAlphaBlend Jan 17 19:25:13.518: vcpu-3| Guest: IOAC: NoTexCoordWrapNorMip divx still works
  10. I will uninstall divx7 and install an older version and see if it still acts up. I think the new version has too much gui stuff that leads to problems. It even tries to do too many fancy things on Windows7 with the latest version, I've noticed (sliders, blending etc.). I for one hate it when they do that. It's like bloatware, instead of focusing on the core of the program they try to dress it up. In this respect vlc is much better. edit1: uninstalled, tried a few things after reinstall, nothing worked. would always freeze when I opened the player. only right click on video file would open the player and play the clips. then I had to force quit it to close. uninstalled v7.3 and installed an older v7.0 - voila, everything is working fine. doesn't freeze anymore.
  11. ATI Radeon HD 3850 dump attached. Pixel Shader Version ps_3_0 UYVY Caps ConvertToARGB OffscreenPlain NoFilter NoAlphaBlend NoTexCoordWrapNorMip L8 Caps Texture VolumeTexture CubeTexture OffscreenPlain VertexTexture according to this info vlc should not work (missing texture), but divx should. I will install, test and report back. tgd edit1: installed divx 7. behaves very strangely when I open the player. it dims the screen, maybe a feature. it tries to go full screen no matter what I try to tell it to do. it even hides the dock. it plays my avi videos. vlc does not play the same files as expected. edit2: quicktime plays the avi files as well. not sure how I missed that earlier. edit3: pngs are opening fine in preview just as advertised. thank you Zenith IOAC.txt
  12. 10.6.6, Vmware 7.1.3, Windows 7 64 bit, i7 920. vram=128Mb, 3D graphics acceleration enabled. AppleIntelGMA950GLDriver.plugin installed. installed the latest VMsvga2_v1.3.0d2. I see the occasional flashes of the screen. However, video is not working. avis I open in vlc are black, sound works. chess opening but I cannot play. host PC has ATI Radeon 3850. OpenGL on host as far as I can tell from graphics settings is working. one part I don't understand is "Screen-Object enabled". Could that be the problem? thank you
  13. Zenith, this is terrific. thank you for the audio and vga updates!