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  1. [HowTo] Turn mouse tearing OFF :)

    Glad it works for you guys... i made another cursor image that i am using now. instead of the cursor always showing, only the shadow remains. it is a little less distracting (and makes for neat effect while typing). MouseLocator_OnlyShadow.png.zip
  2. [HowTo] Turn mouse tearing OFF :)

    Just thought i would let you all know... new program out there called Mouse Locator. as far as i can tell, does what Mousepose does, only FREE! and... you can pick custom images for it... you see. also, it is implemented as a system preference pane. rather than an application (its universal BTW). Download Mouse Locator then.. 1. install. 2. grab this .zip of images.. MouseLocator_images.zip 3. The MouseLocator-Blank.png is just a completely transparent png. the MouseLocator-ShadowMouse.png is an attempt to make things look a little better (Cursor Shadow). ShadowMouse has some funny side-effects, try it, you will see.. 4. rename one of the MouseLocator png's to MouseLocator.png ...simply place it on your Pictures folder in your Home folder. 5. go to system prefs, turn on "Activate Mouse Locator" in the mouse locator pref pane. also turn on "Always On" this has worked much better for me than mousepose did... use the *Blank.png for a mousepose type results. good luck. EDIT: fixed images archive... oops.
  3. Anyone tried Xgrid on OS x86?

    yeah... it works. im working on using it for blender renders.
  4. intel optimized apps(no ppc)

    I dont think it is "optimized", but... i happened upon an intel binary of blender 2.41, works well, and fast. i used it to make a universal app for Xgrid stuff... here it is: Blender 2.41 Universal EDIT: and, you can trim it down to just the intel version i think... with some tools.. i lost the link for the original...
  5. New ATI Drivers

    For those having problems getting out of 60 hz and are also running at a resolution of 1280x1024 or lower. With an ATi card.... here is what i did to get my x300 running higher. Tools: atiflash atitool radedit Use ati tool to make a copy of your video card bios. it is under settings i think in the program. the item you need is "Dump BIOS" save the bios file somewhere. now, open the bios file with radedit. look for the list of resolutions. Unfortunately.. only 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768 and 1280x1024 are available to adjust. change the rates to what your monitor can handle (85hz looks to be the max of the program... better than 60). Save the file. NOTE! before you go flashing your card's bios... make damn sure your monitor can do the hz you pick... otherwise... you will have to fix it. Now, load that BIOS image on a bootable floppy disk (or whatever method you use to flash stuff, i used a USB drive as i do not have a floppy drive) use atiflash to flash your card bios. just type atiflash in the DOS shell for a list of commands. the command should look something like this: A:\atiflash -p 0 bios.rom This worked great for me at 1024x768 and 1280x1024. It may not work for you. and it may screw up your video card! these are the chances you take when flashing ROM. all i know is... my eyes no longer hurt after 30 seconds of looking at the screen! EDIT: also, if you ever decide to switch monitors... you may need to reflash your card with its original rom.. alot of LCDs dont do 85hz.
  6. World of Warcraft

    i picked up a cheap x300.. works great now. only, i cant get the hardware cursor setting to work... hmm... must be the drivers.
  7. Geeks and Greed: A Cautionary Tale

    Damn fine news post! and so true.
  8. I have that same case for my 5g.. i know about the "wet" look your talking about. strange, i have tried to get it to go away, but it stays.. no big deal though.. great case for the money.
  9. World of Warcraft

    im having the same problems as joskus and moomoo.. though i was able to patch from within rosetta... hmm... i was also able to run the game in rosetta, only very slow with some graphical glitches. froze up the same way then too. the intel version does this exact same thing. maybe we gotta wait until we get some updated GL stuff..
  10. Has any one tried any of the Myst games?

    I tried exile once on 10.4.1.. It was really odd looking, no images, only a 3D box filled with giant blocks of color! i did not really mess with it though. oh, and i tried realmyst. ran really slow and crashed alot!
  11. Compiled Fugu

    Ok, sorry about that.. got a little ahead of myself and forgot a few things. should be ok now. (I replaced the link in my previous post with the new build.)
  12. Compiled Fugu

    I compiled Fugu (a frontend to SCP and SSH i use quite a bit). it is not universal, it is only x86. Fugu's website - http://rsug.itd.umich.edu/software/fugu/ (PPC only download) I guess i can attach this file here? if not, please remove it and will figure somewhere else to post it up. Fugu_x86.zip