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  1. Currupt OS X out of nowhere?

  2. So, i have had my 10.5.2 working fine...i bought a faste rprocessor, same make and model...just went from Intel Allendale 2.0 to 2.2. Everything was still fine...for a few days (but not sure this is related to that). I started getting the screen that goes from top to bottom, greying over the desktop telling me i need to reboot (the one with the power key on it). Not sure if this has to do with a cpu change out or not, but was hoping someone could possibly tell me how to recover without starting all over. At first with Macdrive loaded on my pc, i would click on the drive and it would say currupted, but now i seem to be able to access it again. I went off of the mac osx install cd, did a repair perms and repair dic, and it looked like everything got fixed that was wrong. but when i tried to reload into os x it goes past the white loader screen to the blue screen. if i move the mouse it disappears, and the circular loading dashes will appear, then they go away and the moouse shows back up. this becomes an endless cycle. Can anyone help? thanks.
  3. @ R-O-Y um..i did some research on that. know a program to use..but am i just changing the description? the device ID? Is it 100% foolproof (lol, somehow doubt it!) can u list steps for it, as i have never fooled with that sort of thing. Would very much appreciate it!
  4. @ myst Right after I posted that I got the 9.2.0 Sleep kernel and have gotten the greyed over screen once. Not sure what that problem is. The CPU panic I have only recieved that ONE time, but have gotten many panics, especially in the beginning...so possibly a fluke. I know you are putting a lot of energy into your installer..just to ask. Can u put a 1900gt graphics update in there as well? Had to ask. (edit: sorry, looked again at what is "to come" in the graphical customization of your installer. Saw 19x0 when looking closely. Hopefully works with GT series...lol@myself for not seeing sooner) @ waldfee Had the same problem, as we all did with that onboard LAN...buy a $10 realtek 8139 from newegg or whatever...works OOB.
  5. @ anyone: So, i have successfully installed iatkos v1.0i r3, used Kalyway ComboUpdate, and netkas 9.2.0 Speedstep (did this a couple of weeks ago). Added a realtek 8139 since marvell was kind of sucky with fast transfers. Had to reinstall twice after trying the Leopard Graphics Update, once from Apple, and once with the stand alone update. Everything has been fine until a few days ago (that was my backstory). And thanks Myst for all the efforts way back when. So, every now and again, out of nowhere, i get the screen greying over from top to bottom with the "you need to restart your machine" message with the power button background. Eh, so i reboot and usually everything is fine and dandy again. But it has finally become a pain in the butt, so I figured I would throw it out here. Upon my last reboot, I got a freeze at the blue screen. Rebooted again with -v to see what was up. Here is what I got: So I turned off my power, gave it a few seconds, booted, and am now typing this message from my os x. Any ideas on why I get the greyed out reboot message? Any idea what was up with the kernel panic I got? Anyone got plans to make a graphics update for ATI x1900gt (this was just a curiousity). Thanks guys.
  6. Ok, i know this question has been asked more than once, but...since i think my setup is a little different from others, i figured i would throw it out there: I have the X1900GT. i used iatkos v1.0i r3 to install and used the stand alone 10.5.2 update. 10.5.2 is working perfectly. Added 0x724b to my ATIRadeonX1000.kext and have fully working QE/CI. So here is the question. I only have one video card, and it is the X1900GT. I have had to re-install my whole OS twice from running the Graphics Update 1.0 (would try and boot but would get to blue screen and freeze, and wasn't sure if i could "uninstall" it). But I'd like to install it if someone has figured a work around. 1) to get it out of my software update and 2) to get the most out of my machine and stay on top. Does the method you guys have been talking about that are running 10.5.2 with a 1950XT and 1900XT work as the Graphics Update, thereby making it go away? Has ANYONE had success with the 1900GT? Sorry this is kind of in the wrong thread, but i have made my own thread with no responses. Thanks guys in advance!
  7. 10.5.2 Graphics Update for ATI x1900GT

    so is there any real answers?
  8. I did this once and got the BOSD...So i have stayed away casually reading the forums seeing if there was a workaround/fix for the ATI1900GT...I see some good stuff for XT and 1950 users. So, any development with X1900GT cards? Honestly, the only problem is i hate seeing it in my software update, but any advances in os x would be nice. I like to stay on top of things.
  9. About my X1900GT

    anyone? I put in my dev. ID (0x724b 0x724b1002--not sure which is REALLY is) and i get a screen tear when it loads up, but then it is fine...takes a long time to boot up after i add to the kext though. It DOES say CI and QE supported though! Hoping there is something that is solid, and not so iffy. Hope someone can help!
  10. I looked at the guide for updating iATKOS r2 to OS X 10.5.2 via the Kalyway 10.5.2 ComboUpdate. Before I looked at the guide, I installed succesfully just the Kalyway Update. The guide says to also update the kernel with 9.2.0 Speedstep kernel. I didn't. My system works fine though. Do I need to? WIll I face future problems if I don't? If I do install the new kernel, what does it fix or what advantages are there to it? I looked and couldn't really find out what the new kernel did. Better?
  11. Anyone know? Read through enough to know the answer to my question isn't out there. I actually read the forums, and yes, ask questions too.
  12. About my X1900GT

    So, I am running iATKOS r2 with Kalyway 10.5.2 ComboUpdate. Card works great with the installer that came on the iATKOS DVD. except... Quartz Extreme is "not supported". I remember I had this issue before on 10.4.8, but it was resolved. Anyone have any ideas? And when I reboot from Windows (which I am currently on) I will try my old method I used back on 10.4.8. But figured I would throw it out there in case it didn't work.
  13. Reboot was from an unstable NIC. My only real question is about going through all the other procedures in your guide, since all I did was install the Kalyway ComboUpdate (i.e. installing the new kernel). Didn't know what the new Kernel would give as far as advantages. System runs fine. Just curious if I need to do everything else? Or if simply having Kalyway 10.5.2 ComboUpdate was good enough (wow...redundancy).
  14. Discontinued

    I don't have the problem of the 169 IP after updating to 10.5.2. Now my only problem is downloading anything. I have a 20/5 connection, so as SOON as I start a download (such as getting Firefox when I first got stability), I get the "You need to reboot" error. So, this still isn't "stable"? Just curious, but THANKS MUCH! for getting a working NIC for me.
  15. ok, still a noob when it comes to leopard, though i had becomed quite skilled back with the Jas 10.4.8...but regardless...here is what i did: I downloaded the Kalyway ComboUpdate...as per what was said on page 4 briefly about how it was done... removed the system.kext from the backup folder that came with the installer. installed the update. done. used kexthelper and dragged the backup folder's system.kext for installation. rebooted...first time, loaded kinda and rebooted. Second time, straight into OS X and says 10.5.2! yahoo!! so, thanks for that. Now my question is...do i NEED to install a new kernel? And as I read back on like page 6, do i need to delete the system.kext in the extensions folder and THEN install the kext from the backup folder? Hopefully what i have is ok. As a P.S. Does anyone know if the graphics update will support Q.E. for the ATI 1900gt? Right now everything works, except that...and maybe speed (though i know my system is fast enough on a 2.0 Core Duo OC to 2.88)... Edit: right after I wrote this, i was downloading FF since my NIC finally worked, when i got the grey screen "You need to reboot your computer", so maybe something is still needed. Thanks guys for any and all help!