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  1. [Guide] ML Install Guide for Lenovo G580

    for me the only thing that worked for usb and camera was USBLegacyOff=Yes
  2. [Guide] ML Install Guide for Lenovo G580

    anybody? lol im guesing this forum is over?
  3. mountain lion 10.8 lenovo g580

    thanks! the battery worked when i installed it. But thats before i copy the "extra folder" that i downloaded from another guide. After i copy it over, it doesnt work anymore. If i dont copy that over, then i have a bad resolution. Im assuming i have to edit the dsdt? I have viewed it from an editor, i have no idea what i was looking at though. Its only my second hackintosh =P. Is there any solution? or another way of getting this to work?
  4. mountain lion 10.8 lenovo g580

    Hello, I know theres a tread for this laptop, but im guessing its dead, because i havent gotten any response on it. A lot of people have gotten ML to work on this laptop, mine has pretty much all the same components, but the model is 20150, so its slightly different. It runs smoothly, but randomly it wont boot up with kernel panics, (it will say something about IOPCIFamily. this is randomly, other times it will boot. WHy is this?Ive reinstalled the os 4 times following the instructions that were on the thread for this laptop because i thought i was doing someting wrong. also, my USBs dont work, camera, and battery dont work. Ive tried different usb methods, and voodoo battery kext, but nothing. Can anyone help? or maybe someone here has this laptop solved? thanks in advance
  5. [Guide] ML Install Guide for Lenovo G580

    Hello, i have purchased this laptop, and used this guide. It worked for the most part. Now i've got a couple of issues. In order to use any of the usb ports, i must use the flag "USBLegacyOff=Yes" when booting. How can i make it so i dont have to do this everytime? The camera doesnt work, but it does OOB for most of you guys im guessing. I did all of the post installation procedures, but it doesnt restart, it just comes to an error screen. sound does not work thats all i have noticed so far. I figured maybe i did something wrong, so i am starting over again, it is installing on my laptop as i type this. BTW, im guessing im having these issues because my laptop is a lenovo g580, but its model 20150, it may be slightly different, but everything its mostly the same. thank in advance!