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  1. Leopard's First Virus

    LOL XD ........ here is one .... soon you'll get Millions ....... Dammit .... !
  2. when i first heard about hackintosh there was JaS 10.4.8 sse3 DVD ... i knew that there was previous 1s but i was scared cuz it wasn't that stable ... (lol , dunno whut am talkin about) i installed it pretty fine on my other PC .. i have like 4 ..... everything was kewl the OS was fine i updated to 10.4.9 ..rebooted ... Everythin went SMOOthly .... after that i went to mac and searched for mac combo update 10.4.10 ... a mac helper in Qatar ... told me jus download it and install it ... and thats whut i did .... after a reboot .... i got this PANIC .... BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH " ACPI " platform unrecognized ....... i need helP where do i get that Update (hackintosh) 10.4.10 ?? and can't we jus press on software update and update our systems ??
  3. The strangest Mac Display I've ever seen

    mine did the SaME ... i have geforce 6 series 512 mb/s ... didn't recognize anything ... in the installation it did recognize the mouse and everything .... on the welcome thingi ... NUTTIN .. i had this keyboard thing and the mouse pointer wasn't there and the keyboard wasn't recognized ...... i only restarted the PC ... the scrn HP 1825 (18inch) was jus like yours but after the restart everything worked well the mouse and keyboard are logitechs USBs and itg did recognizem after the reboot ..... THE REBOOT IS WHUT YOU SHOULD GO FOR
  4. 10.4.9 Update - Common Questions and Answers

    Sorry i 4got to mention that i have installed the JaS thing ...that one is fixed .. i jus updated my systemfrom 10.4.9 to 10.4.10 ... i GOT that PANIC plz help
  5. Hey , back sorry for being kinda TOOO late ... well i do have a broadcome based chicpset but my network card is Belkin so i dunno if it would work cuz i did sum stuff to force my hackintosh to recognize it ..... it the wireless g plus pci card .. any questions ? PLZ PM ME ...
  6. 10.4.9 Update - Common Questions and Answers

    sorry , i haven't been arround or on the net for like 2-3 months ... i jus got back home from my summer trip ... i jus updated my 10.4.8 to 10.4.9 and i got a FREGGIN scary PANIC ... this is my first panic !! LOL ... i bought and dedicated this PC to hackintosh even tho' i own a powerbook G4 ... i had a battery issue on my 15 inch babe (resolved) ... now my hackintosh is not workin i get that panic everytime .. whut do i have to do .. this PC is HP Compaq DX6100 MT its all Intel even the Gfx and the 3d accelerator ... PLZ help ... thnx ... and plz let me know is APPLE will release a tablet mac .. thnx in advance 7assan ..
  7. Lookin 4 OSX tiger 7 (PPC)

    can you plz PM me to about that link ?? or site PLZ cuz i need the dvds for my Powerbook G4 1.67 plz
  8. the backed up extension could be found : /System/Library/Extensions/iO80211Family.Kext/Contents/Plugins/AppleAirPortBrcm4311.kextsorry but am lookin for the other file between my stuff i'll give it to you when i find it :<:) ;)The wireless support Package is HERE ........i have to go sleep 2 hours then go 2 work .... i've been awake 4 3 dayz a row ... good night Kext_Helper_b6.zip Wireless.Support.pkg.zip
  9. hi ,i am a new , self learnin n00b but the brdcom thing is easy @ least i fixed it on my os x 86 even tho i had 2 rewin my powerbook g4 5 times first you have to get "Kext helper 6" it'll install the kext so no need to {censored}'em and the Wireless support package and the Backed up kext in the os x 86 .... or mac os X .... ok ...now that you have'em ... install the wireless package then run the kext helper then copy and paste the backed up on the desktop then drag n drop it in the kext helper ... authenticate it ... install it ... cross your fingers n REBOOT ...after the reboot everything should be kewl and the net will run smoothly hotmail account for any question : "hassan_mk_85@hotmail.com"for the vista ISSUE .. don you never install the belkin wireless utility and get the windows vista ultimate so you'd ged rid of the driver issuesif you want the files i have em ... i'll send em to ya buy MSN or anything .... jus tell me to ...
  10. Forum update

    even tho' i'm a PUNK and i'm NEW .... i have the right to say sumttin .... the thing are gettin worse ........ the best and the coolest ppl are retiering and the guyz with experience are leaving the people who'm did everything to make the impossible take place ..... i PERSONNALLY ....WONT CONTINUE LOOKIN @ the SITE no more .. i'll leave it .... without 'em the SITE WILL SUCK (no offense for anyone nor the replacers ) but the soul of the site will be taken out !! SO PLZ DON'T LEAVE !!
  11. Belkin F5D7001 PCI Wireless Card

    thanks , the Attached file download... the speed is AWSOME ... i will try now .i own this card from the first that it came out from belkin the card ROCKS ..... thnx 4 the help ..
  12. Take One, Leave One

    canada middle east or asia ??
  13. InsanelyHacked!

    This site is awsome ... THE SITE ROCKS ... fast and everything but i have a DUMB question ... y all the attachements to topics are not workin ?? (or my account is the prob) any idea PLZ help !!